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Our Pigeon Control Process is simple

Preservice steps Schedule a free estimate (Click here to do it now)

Most jobs qualify for a free estimate. Call the office or fill out our quick form and get your free estimate within a few days of your call. If your job is going to be large, we charge a consulting fee for the printed estimate. If you use us, we will of course apply the fee towards your service. This is for large commercial jobs only. Residential estimates are always free. The estimate will be written, it will include our guarantee, it will be a valid price for 30 days from the date of the estimate. The estimate will include a diagram of the structure affected, nest areas, roost areas, and potential problem areas will also be included on the estimate.

Problems with pigeons can be reduced or avoided with several methods. Pigeons can be excluded from buildings using many different products. Netting, screening, mesh, bird wire, angled corners, spikes, electric shock systems, trapping, and poisoning are just a few examples of things that can be used to control pigeons in and around structures. After a thorough inspection, all options will be laid out for you to decide what level of control and what procedure will best suit your situation.

Schedule your service

Most jobs can be scheduled and done within a week of your estimate. Small jobs may be done the same day. Large jobs may need custom ordered products, such as netting. In these cases we will provide service as materials are available. The easiest way to schedule a service is to call our office. If you prefer you can call your sales rep, or email us. By now you have already had contact with a representative from our company.

Service Steps

  • Remove Nests and Loose Droppings

    Before we can install anything on any structure, it must be thoroughly cleaned. We start by removing and bagging all nests and loose debris on the structure. This reduces the amount of debris coming off the structure during the pressure washing phase.

  • Pressure Wash All Pigeon Affected Areas

    We use a 2600 PSI pressure washer to clean structures with pigeon affected areas. This includes all nest and roosting areas. It also includes areas where pigeon fecal matter may have accumulated, such as sidewalks, Driveways, Walls, beams, Ledges, etc. We always wash walls and concrete areas affected as the runoff from the pressure washing occurs. The end result will be a very clean structure.

  • Install Deterrents

    Next, we install any deterrents agreed upon in the estimate, which may include netting, spikes, screening, mesh, bird wire, electric shock systems, and more.

  • Minor Adjustments

    As necessary, we will adjust to the new habits which pigeons are forced to make from the new deterrents placed in their former homes and perch areas.

  • Trapping(If necessary)

    When pigeons refuse to leave, trapping may become necessary. In most cases, the flock has been greatly reduced and only a small amount of pigeons will need trapping. In most instances, trapping is not necessary.

  • 5 Year Guarantee

    Don't forget that we guarantee all of our work for 5 years. If you need us, we will be there for you. We have been around since 1999 and we aren't going to disappear. If you would like to read about our guarantee click here.

Pigeon Removal

We remove pigeons from your property in Phoenix Arizona, Tucson, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada so you can enjoy your home again.

Pigeon Prevention

Pigeon Pros prevents pigeons from coming back to your property with lasting deterrents.

Pigeon Clean Up

We remove the bulk of pigeon waste and then power wash & clean up the effected areas.

Pigeon Trapping

When we have to, we will trap the pigeons to remove them safely from your Phoenix Arizona, Tucson, Arizona or Las Vegas, Nevada property.

Customer Testimonials

Dear Pigeonpros,
I just wanted to let you know that after two months, the pigeons are gone! 100% Bye Bye! None to be seen, they are vamoose! You guys are fantastic! At first I was a little skeptical when you told me you could get rid of pigeons. They are rats with wings. How can you get rid of them especially since my office is next to a restaurant that feeds them 2x a day…but you told me, you guys were the Pros and that you are…Spikes, Strips, Wires, All humanely done! Thank you and your team of experts for getting rid of my stinky and messy problem for good! My sidewalks, signs, walls and parking lots are all clean again thanks to you guys. If I ever have bird problems again at any of my other properties, I know who to call, The Pigeon Pros!

- Thank you,Robert H -Administrator

Dear Pigeonpros,
I was in last week and saw all your work to get rid of my bird problems. Everything seems to be working great! The scarecrow is amazing. My son was hit by it twice as he tried to see if it would work -hehe. My husband and I just love how well it works. We have a lot of bird feathers in the backyard, but that is much better than their droppings. The birds have moved to the neighbors roof tops.

- Thanks, Deb E. Mesa, AZ

I recently had the pleasure of having Pigeon Pros help me with my bird problem. They were nothing but professional and honest and reasonably priced. After they finished up with our house, you would have never known pigeons have ever been there.

-Amber G. Las Vegas NV took control of our pigeon problem. They made recommendations & carried out the work in a timely manner. When my stubborn pigeons wouldn’t find a new home, pigeonpros returned & worked with me to get rid of the last hold outs. My rooftop is one of the few in the neighborhood that is totally pigeon free. Thanks Pigeonpros

- Mark in Ahwatukee

"It has been over a year now and our very extensive pigeon problem has been virtually eliminated. It has made a tremendous difference in the look and esthetics of our home and we feel like we can be outside without worrying about the dirty mess left behind everyday. We were pleased with the customer service as well. Your company came back to repair the shock track as needed through some damaging weather and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment in our home. Visitors have even commented on how much better the situation is. We would recommend this treatment option and your company to others with similar problems."

- Thank you, Satisfied Homeowners, Chandler, AZ

I am very satisfied with PigeonPros. Russ did a full assessment on our home! He even climbed our roof to make sure where pigeons were roosting. Places where I didn't even think of. Russ gave us an estimate with NO pressure that's what I loved about him. We went through with what he promised and it only took a day. I love how professional he was and Gari did a great job installing what was needed. I recommend PigeonPros to anyone that is ready to get rid of pigeon problems. I am ready to open my windows again. Thank you Russ and Gari!!

-Cindy A. Las Vegas NV

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