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Looking for Pigeon control In Queen Creek AZ? Look no further

Pigeonpros has been helping our customers in Queen Creek Arizona since 1999.  In fact the owner and operator of Pigeonpros lived in Queen Creek Arizona for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of customers in your area to be pigeon free.

Very dirty solar panels need pigeon proofing by the Pigeonpros

We are ready to serve all your pigeon control needs!


Local Pigeon Control

Queen Creek Arizona does have a big pigeon problem.  We have helped customers like the boys ranch or better known as Canyon State Academy in Queen Creek, Mckenney Realty, Transcity property management, and many other businesses in Queen Creek.

As well we have helped thousands of residential homes in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley AZ to be pigeon free.

We help you get rid of your pigeons both residential and commercial

Let’s get rid of your pigeons

Getting rid of your pigeon problem is no laughing matter.  Pigeons ruin the look of your business and your home.  Pigeons can do serious damage with roof leaks and corrosion from their droppings.


Do you have solar panels?  If so the pigeons may already be setting up shop.

With the spread of popular solar panels, pigeons have found their way under many solar arrays. Solar panels create a perfect home for the birds.  Pigeons especially love those solar panels.  Never fear Pigeonpros has been helping our customers with pigeons underneath ever since solar panels were first installed.

Learn more about what we can do for your solar panels
solar panel bird proofing by the Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
Pigeon netting is a great way to eliminate a pigeon problem

You may need pigeon netting

Bird control deterrents such as pigeon netting are an important part of what we do at Pigeonpros.  We are trained, professional installers of all the right bird control deterrents that help to eliminate pigeon problems both large and small.

Pigeon netting

We use netting to control large areas that need protections.

Bird control spikes

Spikes when installed correctly can be great deterrents and eliminate pigeon prolems


Birdwire is an effective deterrent against roosting and light bird pressure.

Electric shock

Electric shock can effectively solve some pigeon problems in the right areas

Trapping and pigeon removal

Sometimes, removing the pigeons from the area may be the only viable solution to get rid of a pigeon problem completely.

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