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Pigeonpros has been helping our customers in San Tan Valley Arizona since 1999. In fact the owner and operator of Pigeonpros lived in Queen Creek Arizona for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of customers in your area to be pigeon free.


San Tan Valley has a history of pigeon problems

Before San Tan Valley was called San Tan Valley, the pigeons made their home in the desert homes of the area.  Known for agriculture, farms and dairies dotted the land and were mostly infested with pigeons. 

Pigeons have a habit of living where it’s easy to get food.  A dairy, or a farm with lots of livestock is a perfect place for a pigeon.  

After the farms and dairies moved from the area, the new neighborhoods were built.  The pigeons did not migrate with the farmers.  The pigeons stayed living on the new homes in the same area and now in present day, the pigeons are still in San Tan Valley AZ in full force. 

Pigeons nesting under an alcove in San Tan Valley AZ Pigeon droppings under solar panels
Pigeons Loaf on the roof of this barn in Mesa Arizona courtesy of Pigeonpros in Phoenix az

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Local Pigeon Control

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At Pigeon Pros, we do know about your pigeon problem. Maybe better than you do. The noise, the cooing, the feathers, the droppings, the mess, maybe even yes, dare we say “the roof leak”, it’s all so constant.

Pigeon Pros was founded in East Mesa and the owner was born and raised in Mesa.  He has lived in Queen Creek for over 10 years and has friends and family all over the San Tan Valley area.  

Pigeon poop 

Pigeon poop quickly accumulates in large amounts


Feathers are everywhere if you have a pigeon problem.

The Noise

Scratching and movement on the roof in the middle of the night. Yes we know all about t. 

Roof leaks

A major storm hits and that’s when your roof leaks.  The roofer informs you that the pigeons have damaged the roof and the water has found a way in.

Pigeons Cause Roof Leaks

The problem with all pigeon problems is that the droppings may accumulate enough to divert the water into areas where water was not supposed to go, causing a roof leak.


Check out our youtube channel video on roof leak damage.

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Do you have Solar Panels?

Chances are if you live in San Tan Valley and have solar panels installed on your home or business, you have pigeons living there under the panels.  

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