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4 GREAT reasons why you need to get rid of your pigeons

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4 GREAT reasons why you need to get rid of your pigeons

Pigeons piled up an incredible amount of sticks here in this pigeon nest. Image courtesy of Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

Why do you need to get rid of pigeons?

Guess who the #1 pest bird in the United States is? Yep, you guessed right Pigeons

Ok. So pigeons make a mess; what’s the big deal? The truth is, uncontrolled, unmanaged pigeon messes are a very big deal. Here’s why:

1. Pigeons are an invasive bird

Feral pigeons are an invasive species of bird. What is a feral bird? It’s a pet bird turned wild! Pigeons used to be very useful as messengers back in those castle rook days. Today they quickly adapt to almost all environments, especially the urban metropolis.

If you’ve set out a bird feeder to attract charming birds such as Robins or Sparrows to your yard, but pigeons show up in their place, they will immediately begin to consume every single speck of seed and scare off all the birds you had in mind when you put out your bird feeder. Pigeons may dominate the local ecosystem making a huge mess in the process.

Pigeons resting on a ledge in phoenix metro az courtesy Pigeonpros
Pigeons rest on a ledge in phoenix metro az coutesy of pigeonpros

2. Pigeons area a health risk

Pigeon poop or “pigeon droppings” have been known to carry many serious diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.

Here’s some quick hitting information about pigeons and their droppings: 100 pigeons can create 2500 pounds of droppings in one year. Each pigeon poops about 25 lbs per year. This said pigeon poop could carry as many as 60 different transmittable diseases or pathogens.

This means that any property owner, restaurant owner, grocery store, or other location that stores, prepares, or serves food has a particular responsibility to keep their area clear of pigeons, and their amazing amount of detritus. It is possible and we have witnessed Health inspectors shutting down a property when they find evidence that bird droppings are creating an unsanitary condition. They may even shut a business down because they suspect the presence of pigeons.

3. Pigeons damage your property

Next, consider the pigeon droppings effect on your roof and below. Pigeon droppings are corrosive and highly acidic. Droppings left alone and un-clean will eat into paint, metal, stone, wood, and even concrete. The caustic (think of the terminator melting in acid) nature of pigeon poop will cause permanent damage to any rooftop. Pigeon droppings have been known to permanently corrode expensive signage, completely wreck water fountains, and forever mark the surface of outdoor decorations such as statues and stone benches.

The never ending presence of pigeon poop on sidewalks, outdoor furniture, patios, balconies and other features of your commercial, retail, or residential property makes an ugly mess that ruins property values, and creates an image problem for your home or business.

Pigeons are prolific nest builders and leave an amazing amount of sticks, poop, and debris as they so consistently continue to build their nests. Pigeons will use all sorts of things to construct their homes, continually dropping bits and pieces as they are hard at work building those nests. Pigeons then use their sticky droppings like glue to hold and keep everything together.

Pigeons piled up an incredible amount of sticks here in this pigeon nest. Image courtesy of Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
Check out the amount of debris these pigeons have piled up in this pigeon nest.

Pigeon nests are durably constructed; sometimes they are not so easy to remove. The nests may block important drainage areas such as gutters or valleys, which may cause roof leaks as well, and will most likely permanently damage the underlayment of your roof.

4. Pigeons are expensive

Feral Pigeons are free. Go catch one and make it your pet. That won’t cost you a dollar, but the damage they do cause is extremely expensive. First, the roof leaks they cause are off the charts expensive to repair.

Second, A little known fact is that your homeowner and or building insurance will not cover a roof leak caused by birds like Pigeons. If the insurance finds out the birds caused the leak they will immediately cancel your claim. In their eyes you should have taken care of the birds before the flood.

Pigeon messes are not easy to clean up. Their droppings don’t easily wipe off; cleanup will require soaking, sometimes significant scrubbing, and most definitely a pressure washer. Significant buildup is will require a pro such as Pigeonpros, someone who knows how to do the job done effectively and safely. 

It is not recommended for you to clean up a large pigeon mess on your own. Pigeon droppings are considered hazardous and if you do accidentally breath in the airborne feces, there is the potential for you to become very sick.

Prevention is the key

No matter how much you spend on pigeon control, it will always be less than the cost of neglecting a pigeon problem. If you’re ready to get a free quote from Pigeonpros click the button below.


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