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Has been helping our customers in Glendale AZ since 1999

Pigeons sure know how to make a mess and we’ve been helping you clean it up in Glendale Arizona since our beginning.  The owners of Pigeonpros are born and raised in the valley of the sun and we know better than anyone what the city of Glendale’s needs are regarding these pesky pigeons. 

Very dirty solar panels need pigeon proofing by the Pigeonpros

Living with  a Pigeon Problem is the worst! 

It is very important to get control of your pigeon problem. At Pigeonpros we understand this. We have been helping our customers in Glendale for a quarter of a century do just that. We know Glendale AZ has a major pigeon problem, which is why we are spending so much time there. We can’t wait to help you with your pigeon problem.


Pigeons will never leave when left alone.

Pigeon problems will never get solved by themselves. Most people have never thought much about these pesky birds even though they are found all over the World. That is, not until it’s your turn to suffer with a pigeon problem.

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Pigeonpros was created specifically to solve a problem in our world:  Your Pigeon problem.

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Getting rid of your Pigeons

How do we get rid of your pigeons at Pigeon Pros ?

If you’ve searched the internet for ways to eliminate your pigeons, then you know there are a lot of ideas out there.  We use tried and true methods to control your pigeon problem.  

Pigeon control & cleanup

We always clean up the mess pigeons make.  We typically use a sanitizer and a pressure washer to scour your property clean

Bird Spikes or Pigeon Spikes

Sometimes a ledge may need some spikes, a beam, or many other surfaces. There are all kinds of places  that may have a need for pigeon spikes. Use them incorrectly though and you may just be creating a bigger headache.

Pigeon Netting

Pigeon control netting is a great solution when shady areas need to be blocked from pigeons nesting and perching. 

Other Pigeon Deterrents

We use other deterrents as well, such as birdwire, screen & trapping.  

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If you live in Glendale Az or anywhere else in the Phoenix metro area and you have pigeons – It’s time to evict the birds!

Let’s end the mess, the disease, the noise, the roof leaks, it is time to make a move.  We are here to help.

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