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Pigeons leave the roof of a commercial building in Phoenix AZ

Let's face it Goodyear AZ is a hotspot for pigeon problems and has a real need of quality pigeon control.

There is a real need for pigeon control and bird control in Goodyear AZ.  If you have a pigeon problem it can be life altering.  Pigeonpros offers Goodyear and the surrounding areas professional pigeon control methods that we have developed over the last 23+ years.

Specifically we services these Goodyear zipcodes: 85326, 85338, 85340, and 85395.  We also service every city in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Pigeons make a huge mess

This pigeon sits on a ledge at a grocery store in Arizona
The amount of droppings a family of pigeons makes is substantial.  The average pigeon will poop 40-50 times a day. Pest birds such as pigeons have been found to have many different kinds of diseases and parasites living within the piles of droppings.

We understand your pigeon problem very well.  It's why Pigeonpros is here to help.  Call us today, or fill out this quick simple form for a free estimate.

Both your home and your business will never be clean without pigeon control.  You may need professional pigeon control methods to eliminate this problem.

Additionally, pigeons and other birds hanging out on ledges and signs or depositing droppings on a sidewalk may send a message to visitors that the business is careless or does not care about its image or its visitors’ health.

Pigeon droppings at a local high school in AZ

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The Pigeons will never leave

Pigeons pulled the chicken wire a homeowner put here out and continued nesting behind it.

Without help, the pigeons will never leave on their own.  This is where we can help. 480-888-8838.  Call us ASAP.  We know what do at Pigeonpros and we offer a 5 year guarantee!

Pigeonpros sets the standard for pigeon control in Arizona

Check out the gap between the solar panels and the rooftop. Perfect for pigeons

Pigeonpros was founded in Mesa Arizona.  We proudly serve Goodyear AZ and the entire Phoenix metropolitan area but we are very proud the owner of Pigeonpros was born and raised in Arizona.

Our office is in the Phoenix metro area as well.  We could not be any more of a local company and we can't wait to help you get control of your pigeon problem.

  • Pigeon Cleanup
  • Pigeon Removal
  • Installation of Pigeon deterrents
    • pigeon netting
    • bird netting
    • pigeon or bird spikes
    • Birdwire
    • Screen
    • Electric shock systems for pigeons
    • Etc.
  • Pigeon Trapping
  • residential bird control solutions
  • commercial bird control solutions
  • residential solar panel pigeon proofing and removal
  • commercial solar panel pigeon proofing and removal
  • bird dropping removal services
  • pressure washing buildings and rooftops for bird control and pigeon control
  • bird control consultation
  • physical inspection of property for pigeon control solutions
Pigeon netting at the Taco Bell in Glendale AZ

The Pigeon droppings never end

The pigeon droppings will never stop. Pigeons constantly poop.  That is a fact.  Pigeons have been known to drop up to 25 lbs. of droppings per pigeon annually.

When you think about that it is a lot of mess to clean up. Why not let a local company like Pigeonpros get control of your pigeon problem?

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