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Pigeon Control Since 1999

Local Pigeon Control and Bird Control in Phoenix Arizona

Do you need a local pigeon control service or bird control service in Phoenix Arizona?  Well here are some pictures of work we have recently done in Phoenix. Pigeonpros is a local company doing business right here in Phoenix AZ.
A beam and column screened to prevent pigeon perching
Check out this beam and column professionally screened by the Pigeonpros to stop perching.
A column screened to prevent access by birds
Pigeonpros was able to screen this column to prevent access. Sometimes this is a better choice than bird spikes
column screening by the Pigeonpros
Pigeons were nesting on this column. Pigeonpros was able to block their access.

Another Solar Panel Job Well Done

Solar Panel Job by Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
Check this local Phoenix Pigeon Control project done by the Pigeonpros

Do you have pigeons or other birds under your solar panels in Phoenix Arizona?  Pigeonpros can help.  Pigeon pros has 23+ years experience in the bird control service industry and we strive hard to eliminate your pigeon problems.

If you need help with your solar panels and pigeons, look no further.  We offer a 5 year warranty on our solar pigeon proofing and abatement.  We can handle any size pigeon problem.

Bird and Pigeon Control Netting in Phoenix Arizona

Here is a recent Bird Control Netting project we did in Phoenix Arizona recently. If you have a pigeon problem or for that matter a small bird problem such as sparrows, bird netting can help.

PIgeon netting installed in Phoenix Arizona by the Pigeonpros
Check out the net we installed on this skyscraper chiller in Phoenix Arizona
bird netting in phoenix arizona
Check out this bird control netting we installed in Phoenix Arizona

Bird netting or pigeon netting is an amazing way to keep the pigeons or smaller birds completely out of large areas.  We use netting for larger nesting areas on residences.

We also use bird netting to exclude pigeons completely out of large commercial areas like this chiller in the picture.  It's actually an affordable way to protect many different types of areas.

Pigeonpros has been installing bird control netting for over 23 years.

Bird or Pigeon Spikes for Control in Phoenix Arizona

Here is a recent project for Pigeonpros.  We added bird spikes to keep the pigeons off of these ledges.

Spikes are often needed on stucco popouts.
Pigeonpros installed bird spikes on these oval stucco popouts to prevent perching
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