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Welcome to our Blog!  All about Pigeon control, pigeon problems, pigeon poop, you get the idea.  If you want to learn more about pigeon control and pigeons in general you’ve come to the right place. 

Pigeon and bird netting installed at a high school by the Pigeonpros

4 Reasons Pigeon Netting Works

Pigeon netting works Let’s take a closer look at pigeon netting. why does it work? Here are 4 reasons pigeon netting may be the answer to your pigeon problem. Cost[…]

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Pressure washing done by the pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

Pigeonpros -We Are Your Neighbors

We are your neighbors At Pigeonpros, we care because we are your neighbors.  We want you to be pigeon free, because if it was us with the pigeon problem, we[…]

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solar panel bird proofing prevents access under solar panels work done by Pigeonpros Phoenix AZ

Why do you need solar panel bird proofing?

What is solar panel bird proofing? Birds, mainly pigeons love to nest underneath solar panels. Bird proofing your solar panels is a no brainer. If you have solar panels, if[…]

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