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At Pigeonpros our customers reviews matter and we truly care what they have to say. We constantly strive to improve our pigeon control product and service. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. If we have eliminated a pigeon problem of yours we are so excited. We want to share that with everyone. Pigeonpros exists for one reason: To eliminate your pigeon problem, to remove this pain and suffering so to speak. If we did that for you, we want to hear about it, if we can do better, we want to do that too, so please review Pigeonpros and help us to help you.

Pigeon Proofing by the Pigeonpros
Another perfect job by the Pigeonpros. Getting your solar panels Pigeon proofed is a must.

Pigeon pros has been very professional and timely with quote and then installation. The gentlemen on the job today were courteous and professional and no pigeon guarantee for 5 years is great!! We just built our home and after solar panels were installed the pigeons were out of control!! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š -Melinda S.

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If you have pigeon problems, please contact them as soon as possible for helping you with these birds leaving a major mess on your roof and surrounding areas. -Review by Eddie D. in Maricopa, AZ

Pigeon Pros provided me a detailed estimate of exactly what needed to be done to resolve the pigeon problem on our roof. Pigeon Pros were professional and on time. They installed spikes and mesh wire on our roof. I’m writing this review 4 months later and I’m happy to say the pigeons are not a problem anymore! Lanell C. in San Tan Valley, AZ

“Daren showed up on time and explained the various options for pigeon control in the problem areas and the price for the work. Installers cleaned out the areas thoroughly before applying the various means of pigeon deterrents. They were polite and efficient. “ -Katy Sun Lakes, AZ

The Pigeon Pros are definitely Pros!! From start to finish they were great. Lana was very friendly and super responsive to all my questions. They were quick to get me scheduled and they came on time and worked efficiently. Upon arriving Kyle did a great job explaining the work that he and Zach were going to do. They worked well together safely, they did a super job and did the job right. Many Thanks Lana, Kyle and Zach Would definite recommend them to anyone that is having trouble with birds.Kimberly G. in Gilbert, AZ

Zac and Connor did a great job today. They were very thorough from start to finish. I was shocked at what came off the roof during the power wash. They worked hard and cleaned up after themselves which is much appreciated. The entire process from estimate to completion was efficient and professional. I highly recommend Pigeon Pros. -Patti T.

I feel for people who have to work in over 100ยฐ weather and go on top of a roof to install netting so that pigeons will not be nesting up there, they did excellent work installing the netting and the bars so that Pigeonโ€˜s will not Come back to my home. They power washed all the excess waste from the pigeons off my roof and windowsills. I feel any customer who complains about them are being petty because if you had to go up and stand on a roof with over 100ยฐ weather to help get rid of pigeon pest,
Then you would understand even though this is their job they are human and the elements that are out there, especially in Arizona are very harsh for anyone working in construction and any having to do work outside.
-Elizabeth C.

“It went very well. They were out of a stainless steel posts needed for the rear parapet installation when they arrived, but came back to finish the installation when the part was back in stock. Very professional and explained all of their services well. The company has extensive experience and delivers what they promise. Their price reflects their service level and the extent of the work to be accomplished. Their estimate was only slightly higher than prices quoted to me by other pest control companies. Their level of experience and 5 year warranty reflect their specialization in bird control. I would definitely recommend them to another homeowner.”-Ron Maricopa, AZ

“Zak and Bradley, from Pigeon Pros, arrived on time and thoroughly cleaned my roof, solar panels and caged off possible entry points on my roof. They explained the process and that there were very few droppings on and under the panels. I shouldn’t have any reoccurring issues. I’m satisfied with their service.”-Diona O. Mesa, AZ

Project came out great and the team was very accommodating Teddie T. in Maricopa, AZ

My entire experience with PigeonPros was excellent from start to finish. Colton came out to my home and I shared where my pigeon problems were other than the highly noticeable locations. He drew out the front of my house and designed the plan so I would be rid of the pigeons. On this paperwork was my quote for supplies and labor. There is a coupon on line which he applied to my quote. My job was scheduled within a few days. Cooper and another person completed my job to my satisfaction. My courtyard hasn’t looked so nice and clean in such a long time. They did such a good cleanup leaving no trace of pigeon feathers and droppings. The mesh even looks aesthetically pleasing! It is worth the cost to be pigeon-free, the cost being reasonable. I highly recommend Colton and the crew at PigeonPros -Pam A.

The workers showed up on time and were extremely professional, they cleaned up after themselves and showed us pictures of what they worked on. Highly recommend pigeon pros Curtis and Bowdie -Nicholas D.

Had Pigeons nesting under solar panels. Justin and Ryan came out to remove nests and evict the pigeons permanently. These guys were very professional, texted when they were on the way. They went over what they would be doing and they also cleaned up everything when job was completed. I Would highly recommend Pigeon Pros. -Jim C.

“It’s been almost a year now, and to date, I have not had any issues… the pigeons appear to have been discouraged from trying to land on our house/roof, and of the few that have tried, rarely to they actually stay perched (no room to get comfortable). Wires/Cables, spikes and cage/netting all appear to still be in place.  Company offers a 5-year guarantee, and from what I can see, I see why they are confident with their offer. Note: the company noted that they may have to initially use cages to catch the pesky ones, so, that they can catch and release them somewhere else (humanely). they say that some of them have to be programmed from landing back to where the pigeon thinks is home (your roof). the company left the cage on my roof for maybe a month, coming back every week or so, to check on the status of the cage/pigeons… once the couple of pesky pigeons were caught, the cage was removed, and I have not had to have them come back to do that again. With the 5-year guarantee, professional service, and offer to come back for free, to fix/maintain the areas that were treated (non treated areas would be extra, which is acceptable, since they only suggested treating the areas they felt needed to be treated – which they were quite accurate about), I would highly recommend this company… as I have to other friends/family.” -Luis Avondale, AZ

We are very happy with our experience with Pigeon Pros. Zak and Bradley did a great install; they were polite and friendly, they worked quickly and afterwards gave a complete review of work done, what to expect, and a quick go-over of the warranty. The total price was very reasonable. So far, the service seems to have solved our Pigeon problem. We would definitely recommend to others. -Shari W.

Colton and the team at Pigeon Pros did a great job on our home. Very happy with the results. They offered more options for a much better price than other companies in the area. -Travis L.

Amazing experience, Highly recommended for all your bird problems, Justin and his crew were amazing, showed up when expected and completely the job quickly. I had to go to work and he communicated every step of the way. Took and sent pictures as the job was completed. Best service I’ve received in quite a while. Thank you -Jason E.

Chris and Martin were professional and extremely prompt. They were courteous and explained everything that was being done. John was also exceptional in his explanations of the various options! Would use them again in a heartbeat…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ -Steven C.

We hope you enjoyed reading some of the reviews we have online. Pigeonpros reviews and testimonials are very important to our company. Our core values need to reflect in the work we do. We are your neighbors and we care about the kind of service you receive from the Pigeonpros. Thanks to all of our customers for trusting us to do their pigeon control over the last 23+ years. We can’t wait to help all of you who are suffering with a pigeon problem.

Call us at 480-888-8838 or email us, we don’t care. Don’t wait! Let us help you with your pigeon problem today.

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