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Pigeons congregate on a rooftop

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Let’s talk about what Pigeon Removal Services means and what it can do for you. Simply put, this is the process of eliminating a pigeon problem from your property. Pigeons tend to take up residence on our homes, buildings, hospitals, restaurants, bridges, skyscrapers, abandoned buildings, strip malls, and more. The key ingredient here is the pigeons preference for manmade structures. Pigeons are what we call a commensal pest. A commensal pest lives in close proximity to humans. You won’t find pigeons living far away from humans. For thousands of years pigeons have been raised, eaten, and tended to by humans.

Pigeons are Homing Birds -What does that have to do with a pigeon removal services?

Pigeons resting on a ledge in phoenix metro az courtesy Pigeonpros
Pigeons rest on a ledge in phoenix metro az coutesy of Pigeonpros a local pigeon removal services company.

If a pigeon had a preference it would live on our homes with us. In ancient times there was a real need to return an important message home. As such people would set out on their journey’s far from home with a pigeon that was born and raised at home. When the time came to send a message home it was simply tied to the leg of the pigeon and released. The pigeon would invariably return home to roost with the important message. In today’s world it is important to understand the biology of pigeons. This biology and instinct is what makes eliminating your pigeon problem so devilishly difficult.

Pigeons do not Migrate

Simply put, a pigeon will live it’s entire life in one nest area. So as a flock of pigeons grows, it will only make your pigeon problem grow as well.

Why do we need a Pigeon Removal Service?

The fact that pigeons will never ever leave on their own brings us to the answer to this question. We need a pigeon removal service because the truth is that pigeon problems can be extremely difficult to eliminate. If it was and easy problem to solve the pigeons would leave easily and you would never need to hire a company like Pigeon Pros to get rid of your pigeons. So let’s dig into what types of Pigeon Removal Services are offered by companies like Pigeonpros.

Types of Pigeon Removal Services that are offered

There are many types of Pigeon Removal Services offered Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of what services are offered and how they can eliminate your pigeon problems. Not all pigeon control services or pigeon removal services will be needed at every property and it’s very important to use the correct services and or products in the correct places.

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Pigeon Cleanup or Pigeon Poop cleanup

check out the mess that came down from these solar panels in Phoenix AZ
Pigeon droppings to the tune of 500 lbs come out from under these solar panels cleaned by pigeonpros in phoenix az

Almost every pigeon problem comes with a big mess. This pigeon mess will need to be removed from the property. In some instances a pigeon problem has grown from small problem with two nesting birds to a large problem with 20, 30, even hundreds of pigeons. It is a very common mistake to assume that the pigeons will go away eventually. The result is an amazing amount of pigeon poop, or pigeon droppings. These droppings will need to be physically removed. Pigeons poop at a rate of about 25 lbs of poop per year, per bird. So imagine 6 pigeons on your property would add up to 150lbs of pigeon poop annually.

So you can do the math and quickly see just how much pigeon poop a large flock of pigeons is creating on an annual basis. Add in the smell of the droppings, the feathers, and the constant noise, and you can see that this problem has to be dealt with and the pigeon clean up will always be the first step in the right direction.

Pressure Washing

After cleaning by the Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
It was a lot of work to clean up over 500lbs of droppings at this home in Phoenix AZ but Pigeonpros got it done.

After the pigeon mess or pigeon poop is cleaned up and physically removed, it’s time to pressure wash the area clean. The pigeon mess needs to be washed off with a high pressure system to scour the area clean of this mess. Pressure washing is a nice way to do that. Pressure washers use very little water compared to just using a low pressure hose from the closest hose bib. Having a professional pigeon removal service do your pressure washing is important. The high pressure from a pressure washer is capable of doing damage to your property and untrained work can result in damage to your building.

Sanitization or Sanitizing

Pigeon removal services often include sanitization of the pigeon affected areas. This can involve many different chemicals, treatments, sprays, etc. Pigeon droppings are full of diseases, bacteria, and pests. As such a deodorizer, an odor causing bacteria eliminator, and possibly other cleaners may be needed to neutralize the area. At Pigeon Pros we use a bio cleaner that does many things for us all at once. The bottom line is that this step is a very important part of your pigeon removal service.

Solar Panel Pest Abatement or Solar Panel Pigeon Abatement

Your solar panels before pigeon pros
Your solar panels before pigeon pros

Solar panels have quickly become established as a tried and true method of delivering electricity to our homes and businesses. They have just as quickly become a favorite pigeon home for your pigeons. Pigeons love solar panels. The shade under solar panels is very cool. The supports under solar panels makes for great nest spots. Pigeons can quickly build multiple nests under your solar panels. The droppings can quickly accumulate leading to all sorts of problems.

We install abatement around your solar panels and this is a perfect example of pigeon removal services to eliminate pigeon problems. Pigeons diminish the output of solar panels, and can cause roof leaks under your solar panels. Hiring a pigeon removal service to protect your panels is an absolute must for these reasons.

Your solar panels after Pigeon Pros
Your solar panels after Pigeon Pros

Installation of Pigeon Control or Pigeon Abatement

One of the many things a pigeon removal service will do for you is to install pigeon deterrents or bird deterrents to control or eliminate your pigeon problem. Here are some examples of the deterrents that can be installed to eliminate your pigeon problem.

Bird Spikes

Most people have heard of Bird Spikes, or Pigeon Spikes. Spikes can be great if used correctly to eliminate your pigeon problem. Spikes are great for ledges, beams, and other narrow perching areas that pigeons love. Spikes do have their limitations however and when installed in the wrong place, you will still have a pigeon problem, but with spikes underneath it. Hiring a professional here can save you money and headache. Spikes should be a tool in the bag of all pigeon removal service companies.

Pigeon Netting

Pigeon Netting is a great way to protect large areas from pigeons. Pigeon removal services often require netting to protect areas from pigeons. Netting is 100 percent exclusion from the area that is being treated. Pigeon netting is often the most affordable way to deal with huge pigeon problems. Areas such as docks, loading areas, commercial parking shades, walkways, outdoor eating areas, and other similar areas are places where pigeon netting makes sense. Example of a netting project

Pigeon Screening or Pigeon Mesh

Using a mesh, hardware cloth, screen etc. to block pigeons is a great way to eliminate a pigeon problem. All pigeon removal services employ this method to eliminate pigeon nesting and perching. The key here is to make it look good and functional. Any competent company will offer this service.

Bird Slide or Pigeon Slide

In some instances it may make sense to use a bird slide to prevent perching. This is a slippery surface installed at a steep angle to prevent pigeon access to a ledge or other surface. Your local pigeon removal service will know when it is appropriate to use this deterrent.

Electric Shock Strips

Just like people, pigeons do not enjoy getting shocked by a jolt of electricity. A few companies out there have invented shock strips to place along ledges and walls to shock the birds if they land. This is one way to prevent pigeons from landing on a structure. Your local pigeon removal service company will know when this deterrent is the right choice for you.

Birdwire or Pigeon Wire

Birdwire is a very cost effective way to reduce traffic on narrow ledges and other areas. Birdwire is meant for light bird pressure. Birdwire is a very good product when installed in the correct places. Birdwire works in two ways. First, the birds cannot see the wire and will actually bounce from it when trying to land. Secondly, Birdwire makes pigeons uncomfortable when they try to perch in the area and they just won’t stay. Birdwire is a product that will be frequently used by professional pigeon removal services.

Pigeon Trapping

There are times when all remedies have been exhausted and trapping of the pigeons becomes necessary. Trapping pigeons is a perfectly legal pigeon removal service. It may become the only remedy to completely remove a pigeon problem from your property. A professional pigeon removal service company will offer this service when needed. Pigeon removal services should handle all pigeon trapping humanely according to the laws of the area you live in.

Pigeon Removal Services near you

If you are looking for pigeon removal services near you and you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, look no further than Pigeon Pros. Pigeon Pros has been doing the business of pigeon removal since 1999. That’s a quarter century of helping our customers be pigeon free. We offer a comprehensive 5 year guarantee and removing your pigeon problem is our passion. If you are ready to be pigeon free click here for a quick, free, in person estimate.


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