Our Pigeon Control Process

Pigeon Control Since 1999

We have spent the last 20+ years perfecting the way we get rid of your pigeons. Whether it’s a huge commercial job or a small residential job, our pigeon control process is going to remain steady. We have trained technicians ready to help you be pigeon free. All of our technicians follow the same steps to eliminate even the most pesky pigeon problem.

Remove pigeon nests and loose droppings

Before we can install anything on any structure, it must be thoroughly cleaned. We start by removing and bagging all nests and loose pigeon debris on the structure. This reduces the amount of bird mess coming off the structure during the pressure washing phase. We pressure wash to thoroughly clean the roof before installation of any products.

Pressure wash pigeon affected areas

We use a 2600 PSI pressure washer to clean structures with pigeon affected areas. This includes all nest and roosting areas. It also includes areas where pigeon fecal matter may have accumulated, such as sidewalks, Driveways, Walls, beams, Ledges, etc. We always wash walls and concrete areas affected as the runoff from the pressure washing occurs. The end result will be a very clean structure.

Install deterrents

Next, we install any deterrents agreed upon in the estimate, which may include pigeon netting, bird spikes, pigeon screening, galvanized mesh, bird wire, electric shock systems, and more. We only use high quality pigeon control deterrents. There are many inferior products out there that don’t work and we have eliminated the guess work for you. We can professionally install the right deterrents in the right places to eliminate your pigeon issues.

Minor adjustments

As necessary, we will adjust to the new habits which pigeons are forced to make from the new deterrents placed in their former homes and perch areas. Pigeons are animals and predicting their exact reaction to deterrents installed on your roof is not always exact. We are prepared with experience since 1999 to make the proper adjustments to get you pigeon free.

Trapping (If necessary)

When pigeons refuse to leave, trapping may become necessary. In most cases, the flock has been greatly reduced and only a small amount of pigeons will need trapping. In most instances, trapping is not necessary.

5 year Guarantee

Don’t forget that we guarantee all of our work for 5 years. If you need us, we will be there for you. We have been around since 1999 and we aren’t going to disappear. If you would like to read about our guarantee click here.

Pigeons roosting on a residential home in Arizona

Our Process Works

We have been doing this for more than 20 years. We have learned a thing or two about Pigeons and what we can do to eliminate the problems they cause. Our methods are proven. Our expertise and experience is unmatched in our industry.

Professional Pigeon Removal

We Guarantee Our Work

We back up our work with a great guarantee you can count on with our 20+ years in the industry. You can trust Pigeonpros to get you what your really want, to be pigeon free. You can read all about our Guarantee here.

Next Steps…

If you are tired of the cooing, the feathers, the noise, the droppings, the constant pressure…..

In conlusion

At Pigeonpros we follow a tried and true step by step pigeon control process to eliminate pigeon problems. We back this process up with a solid guarantee to give you peace of mind. Rest assured we want you to be pigeon free as badly as you do. If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to call us at 480-888-8838, or email us at info@pigeonpros.com. We can’t wait to use our experience to help you with the this process of eliminating the pigeons.