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Solar Panel Pigeon Cleanup and Pigeon Proofing

Solar panels are a big investment

Your solar panels before pigeon pros
Your solar panels after Pigeon Pros

Solar panels are a big investment, which is why solar panel bird and Pigeon proofing is important. So it is most definitely important to Clean your Solar Panels and Pigeon Proof your solar panels as part of your maintenance and protection plan.

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance ensures your solar panels will continue to perform at an ideal level. Dirty solar panels lose up to 35% of their effective power generation. So add Pigeon droppings and nests and your solar panel effectiveness can drop even further.

Look what we found under these solar panels

Look what we found underneath these solar panels

How dirty is it under your panels?

Did you ever wonder what it looks like under your solar panels? Now you know. Pigeons absolutely love it under your solar panels. The above pigeon cleanup project occurred for one reason. The pigeons combined with the solar panels to cause a massive roof leak.

PIgeon droppings underneath the solar panels

Pigeonpros sets the standard in Pigeon control and Pigeon proofing

We are not in the habit of ripping on our competitors, but we do feel we set the standard in pigeon control and remediation. In fact, it is written in our mission statement as our goal and commitment to being the standard in the Pigeon control industry.

As possibly the longest standing actual Pigeon Control Company in Arizona, we feel we can honestly say we are the #1 Pigeon Control Company for all your pigeon problems including Pigeon proofing your solar panels.

Perfect Pigeon Abatement on these solar panels by the Pigeonpros


  1. Solar panels provide pigeons with great nest areas and protection from the hot, summer heat and protect the birds from all the elements
  2. Solar panel cleaning keeps your solar panels at a higher efficiency.
  3. Solar Panel pigeon proofing or screening and abatement prevents nesting and droppings that can drastically reduce the efficiency of your solar panels
  4. Pigeons eventually will cause damage to solar panel electrical wiring, seals and even the solar panel coating
  5. Pigeons cause roof leaks. Combine that with solar panels and it’s very expensive to remove the solar panels to fix a roof leak
  6. Solar panel pigeon infestations bring constant, annoying noise to your rooftop. Solar Panel abatement and pigeon proofing using approved materials and regular solar panel cleaning prevents this problem of damage and reduced efficiency before it starts.
Pigeon abatement around the solar panels and birdwire installed across the peak by the Pigeonpros

Solar Panel Installation Questions for Pigeon Abatement

  1. Consider who you are hiring to handle your investment?
  2. What experience do they have?
  3. Are they a legitimate company?
  4. Do they have experience working on and around solar panels?
  5. What kind of guarantee are they going to give you?
  6. Do they have a plan if the pigeons decide to stay after you pigeon proof your solar panels?
  7. How have they arrived at their price? (We use an exact formula because we have literally done this more than a decade!)
Pigeon Proofing by the Pigeonpros

Answers to the Above Questions

  1. You are hiring a company that has a track record. Don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews.
  2. We have 23+ years experience doing Pigeon specific work.
  3. As legitimate as they come. Look us up Pigeonpros Inc.
  4. Again, yes. We actually did every single home for several solar companies and still do for some installers.
  5. We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee and even a No Pigeon Guarantee in some instances.
  6. We do have a plan. After 23+ years we've been there and done that. We have a comprehensive pigeon proofing game plan.
  7. We use an exact formula to figure out your price. We know based on your roof type, how dirty your roof is, and how big your solar panel system is how long this job is going to take and how much material will be needed.

More on Solar Panel Bird/Pigeon Proofing and Cleanup of Your Solar Panels

No, it is absolutely untrue that pressure washing damages your solar panels. Pigeon droppings on the other hand, do damage solar panels. The solar panel companies hire us all the time to pressure wash solar panels clean. If you were using hard water on your solar panels on a regular basis maybe that would damage the glass on your panels. The fact is that your panels do and will get dirty without pigeons and their droppings. Add pigeons and their droppings, and their acidic droppings and it's a recipe for less efficiency.

Pigeons love to get under your solar panels
It's a good idea to keep your solar panels clean

Long term we do believe it is a good idea to hire a company that cleans your panels with a de-ionized water solution once the pigeon droppings are gone for good at least quarterly. We have never had an issue of damaged solar panels in our 23+ year history of doing Pigeon control.

You are in good hands and we have cleaned thousands and thousands of solar panel arrays in our company career. Check out our gallery for more Solar panel bird and Pigeon proofing images. Additionally, you will also find images of clean and immaculate solar panels.

Why are the pigeons under my solar panels?

Solar panels are typically installed with an air gap, or space between the solar panels and the rooftop to ensure room for the necessary wiring and to provide adequate ventilation for solar panel efficiency. It is very important that the heat does not buildup under the solar panels and this air gap is very important.

The air gap under solar panels however is also the right size for pigeons and has created a headache here in Arizona where we already were dealing with huge populations of pigeons.

Pigeon droppings under solar panels

The bottom line is we want you to be pigeon free. If you have solar panels your probably have pigeons underneath your solar panels or will have soon.

We can't wait to help you be pigeon free. You can trust your home in our care. We will take care of your home as if it was our own. If you're ready to have us come give you a quick free estimate, click the button below and let's do this.

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