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Expert Pigeon Control in Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert Arizona has a pigeon problem.  It probably always has.  Before all the homes were built there were plenty of dairy farms.  Dairy farms seem to be the Mecca of the pigeon world.  Food, Shelter, and nesting materials.  The dairies are like magnets for the birds, especially the pigeons.

As the dairy farms moved out and the people built homes and businesses in the East valley the pigeon problems just magnified.  Now every neighborhood in Gilbert has pigeons here and there.  So what can we do about this pigeon problem in Gilbert, AZ?

Your pigeon problem

If you have a pigeon problem you know it. Learn more about pigeon problems and what is happening to your home or business here.

The Pigeon Control Process

Learn more about our pigeon control process at Pigeonpros and the kinds of deterrents that we install to eliminate your pigeon problems. Learn more

Solar Panel Pigeon proofing

Do you have solar panels on your roof?  Pigeons may have found them and will find them soon if they haven’t already. 

Pigeon Removal and Trapping

If pigeons do need to be trapped, we can handle it. Read more

Did you know that pigeons cause major roof leaks?

It doesn’t rain a lot in Gilbert, but when it does it can really pack a punch with the summer monsoon storms or the winter bursts of rain.

Check out this video about roof leaks or watch more videos about pigeon control on our youtube channel

Our Youtube Channel

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Had Pigeons nesting under solar panels. Justin and Ryan came out to remove nests and evict the pigeons permanently. These guys were very professional, texted when they were on the way. They went over what they would be doing and they also cleaned up everything when job was completed. I Would highly recommend Pigeon Pros.

Jim C.

We are very happy with our experience with Pigeon Pros. Zak and Bradley did a great install; they were polite and friendly, they worked quickly and afterwards gave a complete review of work done, what to expect, and a quick go-over of the warranty. The total price was very reasonable. So far, the service seems to have solved our Pigeon problem. We would definitely recommend to others.

Shari W.

Chris and Martin were professional and extremely prompt. They were courteous and explained everything that was being done. John was also exceptional in his explanations of the various options! Would use them again in a heartbeat…

Steven C.
Solar panel pigeon proofing

Need to get rid of your pigeons? Let’s make it happen

Those pesky pigeons won’t leave on their own.  Not without a fight.  Pigeons are homing birds and will live a natural life in the same location.  Pigeon do not migrate. Face the facts, you need help with this problem. .

Why not choose a local professional Pigeon control company?

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Pigeonpros in Gilbert AZ

Pigeonpros is owned and operated by a native Arizonan.

We’ve watched the East Valley grow just like you.  We are your neighbors.  Our office is located in the East Valley.  We are local and we can’t wait to help you neighbor.

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