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How to keep unwanted birds from nesting

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It isn't just pigeons.  All kinds of birds will make nests in unwanted places.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, but most of the time there are lots of things you can do to eliminate a bird problem, or prevent one.

This pigeon sits on a ledge at a grocery store in Arizona
This pigeon keeps an eye on the people traffic to this grocery story in Glendale Arizona.

Preventive steps You can take to keep the birds from making nests in unwanted places

  • Keep your yard clean
    • Nest materials are an important part of every birds agenda
  • Drain your fountain.
    • Make sure your water fountain isn't the local pub for the birds
    • All kinds of birds pigeons, sparrows, starlings, etc. need water to live.
  • Block potential nest areas by using a company like the  Pigeonpros
    • Or do the Pigeon work yourself
    • Get some ladders and do it yourself.  This may not be advised if you are worried about falling or ruining your property.
  • Trim your trees to eliminate shaded areas
    • Some trees like Ficus trees are very popular for birds because they are hollow inside.
    • Trim these trees up to light the light shine inside the tree.
  • Don't feed the birds
Debris from trees make perfect nesting material for the birds
Clean up tree debris to prevent nesting materials in your yard or on your property

Keep your yard clean

Most all birds use sticks or twigs to build their nests. Smaller birds use grass or weeds. So keeping your yard cleaned up will force birds further away to find the building materials they need for their nests.

Alone this is not going to get it done, but it can help tremendously to push the birds further away from your property.

Drain Your Fountain

Drained water fountain
Drain your water fountain from time to time to prevent birds from using it as the local pub.

Water fountains attract birds.  Especially here in Arizona where water is hard to come by.  If your fountain has a negative edge, or an edge where the birds can easily get a drink, it may become a problem.

If your fountain has already been found by the birds.  Drain the water for a month or two.  Make the birds find a new area to drink.  Find themselves a new pub so to speak.

Block Potential Nesting Areas

A beam and column screened to prevent pigeon perching
Check out this beam and column professionally screened by the Pigeonpros to stop perching.

Pigeons especially love buildings for their nest areas.  To top that off pigeons are not migratory birds.  The good news is that Pigeons are not protected by the Migratory bird act.

So if you need help with a pigeon problem, which can be the most difficult of birds to deal with you can call for help from a pigeon control specialist like the Pigeonpros to eliminate your problem for good

Other birds however may be protected, in fact most of them are.  So an ounce of prevention can be well worth it.  Most birds will not try to nest at your home or business, but some such as Starlings, Sparrows, Swallows, and Woodpeckers will use your structure for their home.

Birds in general will be looking for areas of protection such as where two angles of the roof come together to create an alcove of protection.  Block these areas out with construction type materials depending on the style of building you own.

Look for shaded ledges that may need some spikes or other prevention to eliminate as perching areas.

Look for small holes that need to be filled that little birds such as Sparrows or Starlings may take advantage of.

Trim your Trees and Bushes

Your trees and maybe even your bushes could make perfect homes for the birds such as Grackles and Starlings.

Trim the trees and bushes so sunlight can get through and eliminate that shaded protection the birds are looking for.

This may need to be done periodically to keep the birds from setting up shop on your property.

Don't Feed The Birds

Pigeons roosting at the grocery store in Arizona

It goes without saying that birds are going to hang out where the food is.  If you are putting out a bird feeder, you are inviting the birds to live at your place.

Birds, just like any other creature are looking for three things: food, water, and shelter.  Save yourself a huge headache right of the bat by not feeding the birds.

There are actual city ordnances in place for this.  Feeding the birds may just be illegal in your city due to the problems that it causes.


The question of how to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places has many answers.

Some of those answers are here.  The truth is that getting rid of different kinds of birds humanely and easily can be hard.  An ounce of prevention can save you a huge headache down the road. Doing the work yourself is always an option, but may be difficult.

If your bird problem is too much. If you need help with your pigeon problem, or any other kind of bird problem Pigeonpros is here to help you.

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