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Frequently Asked Questions For Pigeon Pros

This is where we answer the most frequently asked questions about pigeon control that prospective customers might have. If you don't see the question you need answered don't hesitate to call us or email us. Call us at 480-888-8838 or email us at

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, All pigeon control work comes with a 5 year guarantee against installation defect and manufacturer defect. Some manufacturers guarantee their products longer than 5 years. We can't guarantee against nesting, and/or roosting in new places on your structure. We will come out and fix any areas that we have worked on for a period of five years. We do not guarantee that pigeons won't find a new area on your structure to nest or roost. We don't warranty weather damage or other human caused damage such as roofers and painters. Residential customers may be eligible for our 5 year no pigeon guarantee. Read our Guarantee here.

What if pigeons don't leave the structure after the work?

We cannot guarantee exactly what the pigeons will do. We can predict with good accuracy what will happen based on our years of experience with pigeons and their behavior we have personally witnessed. We do however guarantee they won't be nesting or roosting in the areas that we work on and in most cases the pigeons will move on to a new structure. If we have exhausted all avenues of exclusion, and the pigeons are refusing to leave at all costs, trapping may be necessary.

Is pigeon work expensive?

It can be. If you wait until the pigeon problem is severe, it can cost thousands of dollars to effectively deter them from what they know as their home. If you don't wait and call at the first sign of a problem, the cost will be significantly less than if you wait months or years. Our minimum job cost is $150.

Do you price match?

Yes.  We won't let anyone beat our price.  We have a low price guarantee.  We compare quotes and apples to apples we will beat any competitors price.

How long is your guarantee?

We guarantee our work for 5 years. Read

Your Competitor says they can do a better job for a cheaper price. Can they?

We don't base our prices or quality of work on other companies and their opinions of us. We do not as a rule judge our competitors. We do offer referrals. You may call any of our customers and ask them personally how our work is done and whether we are reputable. We feel that our work is the absolute best in the industry and we strive to make constant improvement and use technology and innovation at every opportunity. We also feel strongly that you get what you pay for. If you do choose to use another company that is cheaper, you may pay more later for repairs on an inferior product or service.

How do I know if I have a pigeon problem?

If pigeons are on your rooftop everyday, or if you have pigeons going in and out of an area on your structure daily, you have a pigeon problem.

Do we handle the pigeons we remove humanely?

Of course. We always handle pigeons humanely.

What types of customers and properties do you service?

If you have a pigeon problem we can help. We service residential, Industrial, Commercial, Retail Centers, Signage, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Food Plants, Hospitals, Fast Food Restaurants, Gas Stations, Apartment Buildings and more. If you have a pigeon problem we are ready.

Won't the pigeons eventually just leave on their own?

Pigeons are naturally homing birds.  In other words, if left alone they will live their natural born lives in the same place near or in the nest they were born into.  So the short answer is no they will not leave, not on their own, ever.

Should I buy a house with a pigeon problem?

Maybe, pigeons can be difficult to get rid of.  How long has the home had a pigeon problem?  Pigeons lay eggs all the time and grow another pair of flying pigeons every 3 months.  If the home has had pigeons for many years, think of how many pigeons may have been born there.  We can handle it though.  We can get rid of the pigeons, it can be expensive though.  The longer the home has had pigeons, the more expensive it will be to eliminate the pigeon problem.

Should I get pigeon work done before I sell my home?

Most home buyers either shy away from homes that are infected with a flock of pigeons or ask for a huge discount. To make matters worse pigeons do devalue your home or business. The cost of eliminating the problem is often less than what a potential buyer would ask for in a discount.  Further, the pool of buyers shrinks dramatically when everyone coming to look at your home sees a flock of pigeons living there.

What does a typical pigeon cost?

This varies.  Residential homes typically cost in the $300-$800 range.  They can be more and less.  Our minimum price is $150. Commercial work depends entirely on what the scope of the job is.  We try very hard to keep the cost to exactly what is needed for your pigeon problem.

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