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Are you looking for local pigeon control in Mesa AZ?

Pigeon control is needed in Mesa, AZ

There is a real need for pigeon control in Mesa AZ.  If you have a pigeon problem it can be life altering.

The Pigeon noise is constant

A pigeon takes off in Mesa AZ
The noise a family of pigeons makes is constant.  Every single day at the same times you can hear them up there in their nests making more pigeon babies.

We understand your pigeon problem very well.  It's why Pigeonpros is here to help.  Call us at 480-888-8838 today, or fill out this quick simple form for a free estimate.

The Pigeon droppings never end

Pigeon droppings at a local high school in AZ

Pigeons constantly poop.  That is a fact.  Pigeons have been known to drop up to 25 lbs. of droppings per pigeon annually.

When you think about that it is a lot of mess to clean up. Why not let a local company like Pigeonpros get control of your pigeon problem?

The Pigeons will never leave

Pigeons pulled the chicken wire a homeowner put here out and continued nesting behind it.

Without help, the pigeons will never leave on their own.  This is where we can help. 480-888-8838.  Call us ASAP.  We know what do at Pigeonpros and we offer a 5 year guarantee!

Pigeonpros is as local as it gets

Check out the gap between the solar panels and the rooftop. Perfect for pigeons

Pigeonpros was founded in Mesa AZ.  We proudly serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area but we are very proud the owner of Pigeonpros was born and raised in Mesa.

Our office is in Mesa, Arizona as well.  We could not be any more of a local company and we can't wait to help you get control of your pigeon problem.

  • Pigeon Cleanup
  • Pigeon Removal
  • Installation of Pigeon deterrents
    • pigeon netting
    • bird netting
    • pigeon or bird spikes
    • Birdwire
    • Screen
    • Electric shock systems for pigeons
    • Etc.
  • Pigeon Trapping
Pigeons love to sit in the shade in Arizona
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