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Pigeonpros Professional Homeowners Guide to Pigeon Removal

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Pigeonpros Professional Homeowners Guide To Pigeon Removal

Pigeon Cleanup and Control AZ – Hire a Professional to solve your Pigeon Control Problem.

Pigeon Control is a very important step in order to keep your home or business safe from the many problems pigeons  cause.

Watching pigeons at the park loafing around or eating pieces of bread from the local pigeon feeder is no big deal. On the other hand a flock of pigeons taking over your property is a whole other ballgame. Engaging in effective pigeon control and pigeon cleanup is important before any pigeon problem whether it be commercial or residential  gets out of control.

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3 Good Reasons You Need Pigeon Removal

There are many good reasons for professional pigeon removal.  Here are 3 of the top reasons why you should consider hiring a professional pigeon control company

Pigeons carry disease

Pigeons are very dirty birds. It might surprise you the number of pathogens that pigeons spread. This includes more than 60 diseases, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.

Although it is rare that the diseases and pathogens that pigeons carry will be fatal to humans, that doesn’t mean they can’t make you, your family, and your pets very sick if exposed to them.

Pigeons carry parasites

In addition, pigeons are also known carriers of mites, fleas, and ticks, which do cause discomfort and possibly serious health issues in people. If your home or business are infested with pigeons the risk of being exposed to these diseases or the pathogens they carry is magnified.

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Pigeon Poop

Pigeons defacate. Pigeons poop. Defacation is an art for these Pigeons. They don’t hold back when it comes to pooping.

Pigeon droppings are how most of the diseases and pathogens that these birds carry are transmitted to others. 

Most commonly, inhaling the pathogens in the dried droppings can spread these diseases to people. 

Pigeon poop may cause major damage to your property

Pigeon poop corrodes exterior paint on buildings or car paint, eats at wood, cloggs rain gutters, and shorts out electrical equipment and wiring. In addition to the physical damage to your property, pigeon droppings ruin your home’s curb appeal.

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Pigeon Nesting

If pigeons decide to move in, they will nest throughout your property. Some examples: Pigeons may build nests under solar panels, in rain gutters, in chimneys, little cubby holes where the rooftop interesects with other angles of your roof, or in drains.

Pigeons cause roof leaks

If a pigeon nest clogs any part of your home’s roof drainage system, the roof may not drain properly and could result in structural problems such as a roof leak or in the worst cases a collapsed roof. 

Also, if birds nest near the chimney or the ventilation system, the nesting materials used may block airflow into your home, which can potentially result in disease-carrying pigeon feathers spreading into the interior.

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A few tips for getting rid of the pigeons

Pigeons are considered the number one pest bird problem in the United States and around the world.

What’s worse than finding that your vehicle has been used as a pigeon toilet or noticing that the birds nesting materials have clogged your roof up and caused a roof leak? Not much. As well, these airborne “rats with wings” cause distress to humans by pooping on every surface of your home or property, they will also annoy and frustrate you by causing major damage to your home or business.

Pigeon nest on a residential rooftop

1. Discourage Pigeons before they get started

Don’t feed the birds! Pigeons will be more likely to nest on your property if they have access to food. Pigeons have great memories. They won’t forget a good food source. They will consistently return to places, most likely with more pigeon friends.

As such, it’s important to ensure that your property does not have any food source that may be attractive to these nuisance birds. So first, whatever you do, do not by any means feed pigeons on your property. It may seem cute to feed pigeons bread while at the park, but you’ll be very unhappy with the results of feeding them at your house.

Additionally, look for any other food sources around your property. These may be anything from trash receptacles that are not tightly secured to grass seed, berries or fruit on trees, and food  left outside. Eliminating or controlling access to food sources will reduce the number of pigeons.

Pigeon abatement of solar panels on a flatroof

2. Seal off any openings

PIgeons will try to get inside, with that being said, it is important to know that pigeons will get inside your home if you don’t have openings sealed off. 

To begin with, pigeons getting in the attic is a problem that happens more than you might think. That is why it is important to fill any gaps between your roof tiles, the stucco or the siding of your home where they may be able to gain access. 

Also, you may want to cap your chimneys. Many pest birds can gain entry into your home through a chimney, so it’s important that there is a solution in place to prevent birds access to the chimney.

Installing screen, mesh, or stainless steel caps are an effective solution for preventing these birds and other pests from entering while still allowing smoke to escape the chimney.

Pigeonpros blocked this area from pigeon access with screen material

3. Pigeon proof your home

Additionally, after ensuring all openings and attractive entrances into your home are blocked off, it is also very important to pigeon proof any other areas around your home where pigeons can nest or roost. 

This will be areas like the peak of the roof, the rafters, solar panel areas, balconies, alcoves, shady areas, and ledges. You can deter pigeons from getting comfortable at your home in a variety of ways, but certain pigeon deterrents are far more effective than others.

As part of your pigeon proofing plans, consider using these effective pigeon control methods and deterrents.

Pigeon Spikes

 Pigeon control spikes are an easy,  way to keep pigeons and other birds from invading your home or property. These spikes can prevent pigeons from landing on a surface, whether it be your roof, balcony, or a ledge. 

Pigeon Netting

 Installation pigeon netting is an effective way to prevent these pigeons from reaching certain areas around your home. Pigeon netting can be effective when used to protect air conditioning units and solar panel systems.

A few more ideas to get rid of the pigeons

We know how frustrating pigeons can be. Here area a few more ideas that may help you eliminate your pigeon problem.  

Sometimes the Pigeons may need to be trapped

4. Pigeon trapping may be an option

If pigeons are infesting your home or property, one way to reduce the bird population is to set up pigeon traps on your roof. 

Trapping pigeons may be necessary if your efforts to repel them from your roof or property are unsuccessful. Setting up traps can often be a difficult, time consuming job and will only be effective if you know what you are doing.

There are humane traps designed specifically for pigeons, consisting of large cages with doors that will trap the pigeons without causing any harm to them. In Arizona, there is no law against killing these pigeons humanely and this must be done to prevent pigeons from returning to your property. 

Got pigeons under your solar panels?
Pigeons congregating in the shade of a chimney

5. Do your homework

There are many companies out there claiming to be pigeon control professionals.  Most of them are fly by night companies that work from their garage and may disappear at any moment.  

Experience matters when it comes to pigeon removal.  Pigeon control expertise only comes with time. Any pigeon control company worth their weight will offer you an extensive guarantee based on their experience.  

At Pigeonpros, we offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee and a 5 year no pigeon guarantee when applicable.  

Our process at Pigeonpros
Pigeons make a mess

6. Seek Assistance from Professional Pigeon Control Companies

While the tips above can be effective, oftentimes effective pigeon removal will require the work of an experienced professional pigeon control company like Pigeonpros.

Pigeon and bird removal experts will be able to help eliminate pigeon problems from your property and use the right measures to prevent the birds from returning. In addition, a professional company will be able to properly clean up any droppings, feathers, nesting materials, and debris that the pigeons deposit on your home or property. 

If you don’t feel comfortable or aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to pigeon proofing your home to prevent a future infestation, an experienced, licensed pigeon cotnrol professional will be able to provide you with the guidance and help you need.

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Pigeons are homing birds

Successful pigeon removal 

The truth is that pigeons are a difficult bird to deal with.  If it were simple there would be no need for professional pigeon control companies, but the fact it that homing birds simply will not leave on their own.  

Here are some answers to a few more questions you may be having regarding your pigeons
What does homing pigeon mean exactly?

Pigeons have a very strong sense to live where they were born.  Left alone a pigeon will never leave it’s place of birth.

Do pigeons migrate?

No. Pigeons do not migrate. They simply stay.  A pigeon would prefer to live with their family all of their life.

Are pigeons protected birds?

Pigeons are not protected birds.  PIgeons are considered the #1 pest bird in the United States and around the world. 

Is it legal to kill a pigeon

It is legal to humanely kill pigeons in Arizona.  There may be some places where killing pigeons is illegal, but in Arizona we may have to and it is our legal right to kill a pigeon and protect our property.

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We stand at the ready to help you be pigeon free.  Let us use our 23 years of experience to help you with your pigeon problem.

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Need Pigeon Removal in Phoenix? Call a professional pigeon control company – Pigeonpros

If pigeon problems are left alone, these nuisance birds create major risk to your health as well as your home or business. When pigeons try to take over, Pigeonpros is ready to help you fight back with professional pigeon control.

With over two decades of experience dealing with problematic birds and pigeons, there’s no better company you can count on. Our bird control experts and pigeon removal professionals will follow the most effective methods for quick pigeon remediation.

Our team will provide you with the right pigeon proofing solutions that will make it difficult for pigeons to land and get comfortable, making it very unlikely that a pigeons will ever invade your property again.

Once professional pigeon measures are in place and any pigeons left behind are humanely removed, your peace of mind will return.

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