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Pigeon Control Since 1999

Pigeonpros has been helping our customers in Surprise AZ since 1999

Pigeonpros is proudly owned and operated by a native Arizona family born and raised in Arizona. 


Pigeon Control is important

It is very important to get control of your pigeon problem.  At Pigeonpros we understand this.  We have been helping our customers in Surprise for over 2 decades do just that.  We know Surprise has a major pigeon problem, which is why we spend so much time there.  We can’t wait to help you with your pigeon problem. 

Pigeonpros is a local Pigeon Control company serving Surprise and the surrounding cities in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. 

We are family owned and operated by a native Arizonan. We proudly service Arizona and the amazing people of our state.  

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Pigeons will never leave on their own

Pigeon problems will never resolve themselves when left alone.  Most people have never thought much about these common birds found all over the World.  That is, not until it’s your turn to suffer with a pigeon problem.  

Your pigeon problem

Pigeonpros was created specifically to solve a problem in our world and that is pigeons pooping and nesting all over our structures, such as our homes and businesses.  Until you are pigeon free there is no peace.  Some pests you can live with, but there is no peace living with a pigeon issue.  

Looking for Local Pigeon Control in Surprise Az?

We have been proudly serving Surprise Arizona since 1999

We provide professional pigeon control and removal for the entire Phoenix metropolitan area including Surprise.  We can’t wait to help you get rid of your pigeon problem.  

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Your Pigeon Problem

Your pigeon problem is the worst! We get it.  It feels like the pigeons have singled you out.  Pigeon problems are no fun.

The cooing, the feathers, the pigeon droppings, the noise, and so many other issues that go along with pigeons.  

Our Pigeon Control Process

We have developed our pigeon control process over the last two plus decades and we have a great plan to get you pigeon free. 

It’s taken years to perfect the process of pigeon control and we are constantly innnovating to get even better.  

Pigeons and Roof Leaks 

Did you know that if you have pigeons on your roof you are susceptible to a roof leak?  It’s true, during the monsoon season and rainy winter season, Pigeonpros is busy helping many people who waited too long and are dealing with pigeons and a flood in their homes as well as their businesses.  

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We are dedicated to helping you with your pigeon problems

If you need more information about pigeons, check out some of our blog posts. We are constantly adding articles about pigeons, how they affect your health, lifestyle, and how we can help you be pigeon free. Here are some examples below. 

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A Commercial Pigeon Netting Project

Commercial Pigeon netting can be the solution for large scale pigeon problems. Pigeonpros specializes in installation of pigeon netting…

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Cutting Corners – Why you still have pigeons!!

Why do you still have those pigeons? It’s another day. Once again, you woke up early. Really early! I mean way before you wanted to. You were wondering to yourself “Why do I still have pigeons?”…

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Histoplasmosis and Pigeons

Not just here in the Phoenix Metro area where we have millions of pigeons, but also across the World one of the many health risks that comes along with pigeon infestations is Histoplasmosis…

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Pigeon control is our specialty

Our goal is to make this a quick and seamless experience for our customers.  Let’s get rid of your pigeons !


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients in your area say:

Justin and Team were outstanding! Dylan viewed our property and had a bid to us in a timely manner. Once the bid was approved, the team got started quickly. We are thrilled with the results. Thank you!

Jen L. 

Surprise AZ

The office coordination team & installers were great to work with – very responsive, courteous, & friendly. Justin & team arrived on time, explained the process, completed the install, & thoroughly cleaned the area. Great job – thank you.

Anthony B.

Phoenix AZ

Amazing work! Pigeons took over my balcony with multiple nest and bird poop. Pigeon Pros sent their friendly tech Dylan to give a free estimate. They were affordable and fast. Martin did a wonderful job with the cleanup. As if the pigeons weren’t even there. Recommending to friends!

Traci S.

Scottsdale AZ

Check out our YouTube Channel

Here you can find more information on pigeons and the kind of damage they cause.  

Also, check out some of our work on the YouTube channel.

Our Pigeon Control Channel
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Pigeons resting on a ledge in phoenix metro az courtesy Pigeonpros

We offer full service pigeon control for those flying pests: Pigeons

The fact is that Phoenix Metro, and Arizona in particular are the number one market for pigeon deterrent sales in the United States.  

Pigeons are the #1 pest bird in the United States of America.  We have gained valuable experience eliminating pigeon problems for over two decades.  We want to help you too. 

We offer a 5 year guarantee on our work.  We were the first company to guarantee our pigeon control work in Arizona.  We truly do care about our customers and we prove it every day. 

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Are you ready to deal with the pigeons? We help our customers in Surprise all the time and we can’t wait to help you too. It takes 60 seconds to fill out this form and be on your way to getting the pigeon control you need.

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