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We know your pigeon problem. Maybe better than you do. The noise, the cooing, the feathers, the droppings, the mess, maybe even yes, dare we say “the roof leak”, it’s all so constant. This is YOUR pigeon problem. We get it. Nobody understands this like we do. It’s a real battle. Most likely a battle you’ve been fighting for a while, maybe even years. Suffer no longer, Let Pigeonpros help you with your pigeon problem. It’s what we do.

Residential Pigeon Nest
This residential pigeon nest is overflowing with pigeon droppings causing a big problem.
Commercial pigeon problem.
This commercial rooftop is loaded with pigeon droppings. Pigeons may cause many potential problems with this rooftop.
Pigeons sit on the North Side in the shade
Pigeons love to sit in the shade on the North side of homes
Watch this video how common roof leaks are caused by Pigeons.

Nesting is Nasty!

Whether commercial or residential, pigeons sure know how to make a mess, which is a big problem for you . One mating pair quickly turns into a small family. Within a year or two your house or commercial building can literally be covered with fecal matter. Pigeons are attracted to the scent of their mothers droppings. When left alone, pigeons and their offspring will stay together on your structure until the end of their natural lives.

Another problem: Pigeons can carry disease

Pigeons and other birds are known vectors of disease. Pigeons do not however, carry West Nile Virus, which recently has been blamed for thousands of sick people and a few deaths. One way birds get people sick is when mosquitoes, ticks, or mites, feed on the birds and then on us. In this way disease is spread to humans. West Nile Virus is not the only disease to worry about. Pigeons carry Pigeon Ornithosis (psittacosis), Encephalitis, Newcastle disease, Toxoplasmosis, Salmonella food poisoning and other diseases. Histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that can infect people, can be contracted when cleaning up accumulations of dusty pigeon manure. Pigeon ectoparasites such as mites, fleas, ticks, and bugs may readily bite people.

Major issue: Pigeons Cause Roof Leaks

Pigeons have been known to cause roof leaks, from huge accumulations of droppings, which in time will either rot away a roof, or dam up rainwater that may sit on the roof for weeks, until it finds a way into the structure. Pigeon droppings may divert water into unprotected areas of your roof causing a leak.

No matter how your pigeon issue started, Pigeonpros is ready to fix it. We have studied the habits of pigeons for over 20 years, have a very good understanding of the problem. This is why we can offer you professional pigeon control. We know what to do in order to make your pigeon problem go away.

We offer comprehensive pigeon control

That’s right, we offer full service pigeon control, including:

  • Cleanup and nest removal
  • Pressure washing
  • installation of professional deterrents
  • pigeon removal
  • professional tips to help keep the pigeons from ever becoming a problem again.

We look at Pigeon Problems everyday.

Our trained staff look at pigeon problems every single day, and we are constantly innovating and expanding with new ideas on how to best take care of the situation.

We get it. Your problem is unique. We know that, which is why we custom tailor a pigeon solution for your property, whether it be residential or commercial, you will get a plan tailored to fit your needs.

The Next Step…

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