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Have you ever wondered if there was a local company doing pigeon control near me? Look No further. Pigeonpros is your local Pigeon Exterminator. We are in the business of pigeon control and we are near you if you’re in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Pigeon nest on a residential rooftop
Pigeons love to nest where one rooftop meets creating the perfect alcove for a pigeon nest. Pigeonpros knows what to do.
After Pigeonpros
After Pigeonpros
before Pigeonpros
Before Pigeonpros

Do you have a pigeon problem?

At Pigeonpros we understand the need to get rid of your pigeons and you may indeed need a pigeon exterminator. At first glance extermination of the birds might seem a little harsh. What does that mean exactly? Eliminate every pigeon? Kill every bird? Not necessarily. Let’s breakdown what it actually means to exterminate the pigeons.

Pigeon Cleanup

For some people simply cleaning up the pigeon mess seems like a solution to their pigeon control problem. All they really want is for the mess to be gone and the birds to be gone. We have heard it a thousand times over, “If you just clean the nest out of that spot the pigeons will leave.” Rarely is this true and so we must say that while part of pigeon exterminating, pigeon cleanup is not the end all or only solution.

Removal of the actual pigeons

Removal of the actual pigeons. How does one actually go about doing that? For now lets just say hypothetically that we could catch all the birds and remove them in some way, (hint: we can do this if needed.) yes this would count as Pigeon exterminating. Hold that thought as we continue down our list.

Pigeon abatement

Here it is. Pigeon abatement. A big word for what we do every day at Pigeonpros. We basically eliminate the places available and attractive to the pigeons. Exterminators across America follow IPM or integrated pest management. Exterminating traditionally speaking is about exclusion as much as anything else.

Pigeon Exterminating Steps

Nest area, blocked that. Perching area, eliminated that. shaded ledge, check that off the list. You get the idea. We want to make your property very unfriendly to the pigeons. This is pigeon exterminating at it’s most humane. We prefer that this would end and solve all pigeon problems. We do feel we are the best pigeon exterminators out there but sometimes no amount of pigeon abatement, or pigeon deterrent installation can prevent the need for our next step.

Pigeon Removal and Trapping

As a last resort, actual Pigeon exterminating or pigeon removal may be needed. We do this through pigeon trapping. We are humane, we do not kill pigeons maliciously but sometimes all avenues have been exhausted and we must become actual pigeon exterminators. When trapping is required, we will catch, and kill any pigeons we trap humanely. It’s not the first step, but sometimes it does need to be the last step. If you do need a pigeon exterminator please call us or fill out our simple estimate request form and we will be happy to help.

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