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We are The Pigeon Experts You Need

Pigeon Control Since 1999

We are The Pigeon Experts You Need

Pigeon Experts will remove pigeons

Should I Call in The Pigeon Experts?

Pigeons, commonly referred to as flying rats, are abundant throughout the valley. They can be seen roosting on rooftops, behind billboard signs, and any other place they deem worthy. With how quickly pigeons reproduce, it doesn’t take long before they go from a mild annoyance to an infestation. These pigeon infestations create health hazards and can be aesthetic eyesores. There are lots of DIY ways to “get rid of” pigeons, but to truly get rid of pigeons, you need to bring in Pigeon Experts. 

Pigeon experts can remove your pigeon problem.

Why Should I Choose Pigeon Pros

Pigeon Pros is local to Arizona and was established in 1999. Since our establishment, we strive to provide the best service for our customers, be it residential or commercial. Our goal at Pigeon Pros is to always provide easy, seamless, and impeccable service to every customer, and we stand by that goal. 

In the last twenty-three years, we have learned the ins and outs of pigeons. We’ve seen what it takes to make sure your pigeon problem goes away, and stays away. To ensure top notch service, each of our technicians are thoroughly trained in pigeon control.

Yes we are pigeon experts, but we are also your neighbors. We’ve experienced first hand the annoyance and frustration that comes from a pigeon infestation. Which is why, we take pride in going the extra mile for our customers. 

Pigeon Control in Three Easy Steps

The best part about working with Pigeon Pros is that we like to make it quick and easy for you. Having a pigeon process is stressful. Getting rid of a pigeon problem shouldn’t be. In four easy steps, we guarantee that your pigeon problem will be gone. 

  1. Fill out the Form – Our contact form is simple and takes less than 3 minutes to fill out. Tell us who you are, how to get in touch, and a brief description of your pigeon problem and we’ll take it from there.  
  2. Free Estimate – You can expect to receive a call back the same day (within business hours) to schedule a complementary assessment with a Pigeon Control Expert. Within a few days, our Pigeon Control Expert will evaluate your pigeon problem and devise a plan of action specific to your needs. 
  3. Clean up and Installation – Before installation, our technicians thoroughly clean the site using pressure washers and disinfectant. Once the area has been cleaned our Pigeon Experts will carefully install the deterrents necessary to eliminate your pigeon problem.
  4. Trapping (if necessary) – Because of their natural homing tendencies, a few pigeons may keep coming back, despite all the deterrents in the world. In these rare cases, Pigeon Pros will set up traps to capture and permanently remove these pigeons from your premise.
Pressure washing done by the pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
Pressure washing done by the pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

The Pigeon Pro Promise

We are so confident in our ability to eliminate your pigeon problem that we offer a 5 year no pigeon guarantee to residential customers. If, in that time, you have pigeons come back to your premise, Pigeon Pros will trap any pigeons free of charge. 

5 yr pigeonpros guarantee
5yr Pigeon Pros guarantee

If you’ve noticed pigeons visiting your home, or homes nearby, it’s time to take action. Preventing the problem from getting out of hand is easier than waiting till they become a real issue. 

Pigeon Pros services the entire Phoenix area, and has pigeon proofed thousands of homes across the valley. So no matter where you’re located, reach out and let us take care of your pigeon problem.  


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