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Why do you need solar panel bird proofing?

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Why do you need solar panel bird proofing?

solar panel bird proofing prevents access under solar panels work done by Pigeonpros Phoenix AZ

What is solar panel bird proofing?

Birds, mainly pigeons love to nest underneath solar panels. Bird proofing your solar panels is a no brainer. If you have solar panels, if you live in the Phoenix Metro area, If you live in Arizona, there is a fairly good chance you have pigeons or other birds living under your solar panels.

Very dirty solar panels need pigeon proofing by the Pigeonpros
Solar panels need to be pigeon proofed to prevent nesting under neath.

Solar panel bird proofing is the act of preventing the birds from getting underneath your solar panels. Sounds easy right. It is actually a very involved labor intensive, material intensive job.

Solar Panels are good for Arizona and birds

Solar panels are a great idea for Arizona where the sun shines clear and hot most of the year. It makes sense that we could harvest the suns energy to produce electricity here. The pigeons and other birds are also very grateful that we do.

The solar panels are installed with an air gap between the rooftop and the panels so they will be more efficient and keep cooler as they collect the rays of the sun. As such, the air gap creates a perfect space for birds to live in the shade from the blistering Arizona sunshine. The birds are thanking you for installing those solar panels.

I see birds under my panels, but my neighbors are clear? Why?

Pigeons especially love solar panels. If they suddenly move in as a large flock, you are probably asking yourself why this happened. The answer is that most likely someone else just got their solar panels pigeon proofed nearby. Pigeons will never leave their home voluntarily. Other birds such as sparrows or doves are migratory, meaning they move around and don’t always nest in the same place.

Pigeon droppings under solar panels
Pigeon droppings coming out from under the solar panels

If someone gets their solar panels blocked off from pigeons, the pigeons will stay in a flock and pick a new place to live. If they have been living under solar panels, the chances are they will look for solar panels nearby to make a new nest. They will most likely continue to visit the previous home even though they can’t get underneath the panels any longer, but now they will nest under your panels.

Should I get solar panel bird proofing even though I don’t have birds under my panels right now?

Yes! You should and here is why!

Take a look at this mess. The pigeons here caused such a mess. It took soo much work to get this rooftop and home cleaned up. The cost for a cleaning like this is not cheap. This amount of debris on the roof can easily cause a roof leak.

check out the mess that came down from these solar panels in Phoenix AZ
Pigeon droppings to the tune of 500 lbs come out from under these solar panels cleaned by pigeonpros in phoenix az

Preventive work is much cheaper

Preventive work is much cheaper because there is no cleanup. Furthermore, the pigeons or other birds may not leave and there may be more work to do on another area of your home. Once the birds have gotten started, it is much more difficult to convince the birds to leave your property. They may be pushed around from area to area on your property once they gotten a foothold. So to bird proof your panels ahead of time could save you a very big headache down the road.

solar panel bird proofing by the Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ
solar panel bird proofing done by the Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

All it takes for a huge flock of pigeons to suddenly move in is one neighbor bird proofing their panels and like magic you could have a very large flock show up unannounced and ready to live rent free under the solar panels on your rooftop.

Pigeonpros provides professional solar panel bird proofing

Don’t wait for the birds to show up. Preventive medicine is sometimes the best medicine and in this case it most definitely is. If the pigeons have already shown up, let’s get the mess cleaned up, the birds blocked out and reclaim your home or building from those pesky birds.

Pigeon abatement of solar panels on a flatroof
Pigeon & Bird abatement of solar panels on a flatroof by the Pigeonpros

Pigeonpros has helped thousands of customers with solar panel bird problems. We give fast free estimates and we can usually have you serviced within a week of your estimate.

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