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Pigeonpros -We Are Your Neighbors

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Pigeonpros -We Are Your Neighbors

Pressure washing done by the pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

We are your neighbors

At Pigeonpros, we care because we are your neighbors.  We want you to be pigeon free, because if it was us with the pigeon problem, we would want to be pigeon free.  We train all of our technicians and salesmen to treat your home as if it was their own home.  We follow the Golden rule and the Platinum rules of pigeon control.

The Golden Rule of Pigeon Control

What would we do if it was our house? How would we treat our own home? If this was our pigeon problem, how would we handle it?  Would we install this deterrent on our own home? 

We teach this approach at Pigeonpros.  Would we like this done at our own home?  Answering these questions helps us to solve your pigeon problem in an honest and aesthetic way.

The Platinum Rule of Pigeon Control

Everyone seems to know about the Golden rule.  I only recently learned about the platinum rule.  The Platinum rule says do unto others as they would like you to do unto them.  For example, maybe you don’t take good care of your home like your neighbor does, so doing subpar work might be ok for you at your own home. 

For your neighbor however, they like it done right.  So….  at Pigeonpros, we believe in doing quality work and doing it the way you like because, ….that’s how you like it done.  We aim to please and to solve your pigeon control problems.

Our mission is to be the absolute best pigeon control company in Arizona

We want our customers to be pigeon free. We want our customers to have the very best pigeon control available period. We provide top notch service to our customers and we’ve been doing that since 1999. If you want to be pigeon free, let’s get to it.

Pigeons congregate on a rooftop
pigeons congregate on a rooftop
We clean up the pigeon mess and then control the pigeons


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