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Pigeon Experts will remove pigeons

We are The Pigeon Experts You Need

Should I Call in The Pigeon Experts? Pigeons, commonly referred to as flying rats, are abundant throughout the valley. They can be seen roosting on rooftops, behind billboard signs, and any other place they deem worthy. With how quickly pigeons reproduce, it doesn’t take long before they go from a mild annoyance to an infestation.…
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Pigeon abatement of solar panels on a flatroof

Do I Need to Pigeon Proof My Solar Panels?

Solar panels make a great addition to any Arizona home. After all, Arizona is the sunshine state. Hundreds of homeowners across the valley are making the change and installing solar panels. However, there’s an unforeseen side effect to getting solar panels installed, and it’s not a good one. Along with all the benefits solar panels…
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Eliminate Your Pigeon Infestation

Chances are if you’ve lived in Phoenix for more than a week, you’ve noticed all the pigeons flying around. Arizona, Phoenix in particular, has a perfect environment for pigeons, lots of flat surfaces for roosting, and (mostly) beautiful temperatures year round. Pigeons love it here, and where they love, they live.  What you might now…
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Pressure washing done by the pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

Pigeonpros -We Are Your Neighbors

We are your neighbors At Pigeonpros, we care because we are your neighbors.  We want you to be pigeon free, because if it was us with the pigeon problem, we would want to be pigeon free.  We train all of our technicians and salesmen to treat your home as if it was their own home. …
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Pigeons piled up an incredible amount of sticks here in this pigeon nest. Image courtesy of Pigeonpros in Phoenix AZ

4 GREAT reasons why you need to get rid of your pigeons

Why do you need to get rid of pigeons? Guess who the #1 pest bird in the United States is? Yep, you guessed right Pigeons Ok. So pigeons make a mess; what’s the big deal? The truth is, uncontrolled, unmanaged pigeon messes are a very big deal. Here’s why: 1. Pigeons are an invasive bird…
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Pigeons pulled the chicken wire a homeowner put here out and continued nesting behind it.

Bird Control In Arizona

Does it seem strange that we need so much bird control in Arizona? at first glance, it might. Taking a second look, Arizona has a wonderful climate for birds, especially pigeons. If you were a pigeon, why wouldn’t you live in Arizona? The weather here in Arizona specifically the lower desert basins is perfect for…
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a flock of pigeons flying over home

Cutting Corners – Why you still have pigeons!!

Why do you still have those pigeons? It’s another day. Once again, you woke up early. Really early! I mean way before you wanted to. You were wondering to yourself “Why do I still have pigeons?” Thanks to your friends upstairs, you know them, your pigeons. The cooing started an hour before your alarm went…
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A very typical pigeon nest

Pigeonpros Internet Coupons

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Pigeons used to wreak havoc here at the Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona. Not anymore

Pigeons at Taco Bell?

At Pigeonpros we are often faced with the unique challenge of eliminating a pigeon problem, or coming up with a solution to a pigeon problem that both works and functions long-term, and doesn’t ruin the place from an aesthetic point of view, or in short words, doesn’t look ugly. We want you pigeon free and…
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Fox10 featured pigeonpros in Phoenix Arizona a pigeon control company.

Pigeonpros Featured on Fox10

Pigeons make a mess. Watch Pigeonpros featured on Fox10 news video.

Professional Pigeon netting installed by the Pigeonpros at Camelback High School in Phoenix Arizona

Pigeon Deterrent Installation

Professional Installation of Deterrents Pigeonpros installs professional deterrents with trained technicians. Quality and effective methods are foremost on our minds as we install the right pigeon products in the right places. If we install these deterrents correctly they are highly effective bird repellents and they will keep pigeons from landing. Correct installation gives us the…
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