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A Commercial Pigeon Netting Project

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A Commercial Pigeon Netting Project

commercial netting at a high school in Phoenix Arizona

Installed By the Pigeonpros

So many places to sit! How can we possibly keep these pigeons out of here? Have you ever had these thoughts? There are so many commercial places out there suffering with a huge pigeon problem. Above is an example, or a “case in point” as they say. An outdoor cafeteria with shade above and multiple beams and girders above for pigeons to nest and roost on. Commercial pigeon netting could be the perfect solution to your pigeon problem.

Commercial Pigeon netting installed by the Pigeonpros at a school
Pigeonpros Commercial Pigeon Netting

Commercial netting or Pigeon spikes?

How much spike would it take to make this pigeon problem go away? Attempting to put enough bird spike here is not a realistic proposition. So what’s the answer? Netting. Commercial pigeon netting will keep the birds out when done right.

This is where the Pigeonpros enters the picture. This project is huge. You need expertise to take on a big pigeon problem like this and have it look good. That’s exactly what the Pigeonpros will do. We will install a professional looking pigeon control net and it will look and work fabulously. It will also last. We guarantee our nets for 5 years and the commercial pigeon netting we install is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years in most cases.

Give yourself peace of mind with a Pigeonpros Netting project

If you are a property manager, maintenance manager or some other person in charge of a difficult pigeon problem, you know who to call. Pigeonpros. Bar none we can handle it. We have installed enormous nets the size of football fields. We understand exactly what to do because in 23+ years, we’ve probably already seen or done a commercial pigeon netting project like yours.

Some of the few jobs we have done are for companies and organizations like Honeywell, Pepsi, Saint Mary’s Food Bank, Chevron, Quiktrip, Taco Bell, etc.

Check out another commercial pigeon netting project by the Pigeonpros on Youtube


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