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Pigeonpros 5 Year Guarantee

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Pigeonpros 5 Year Guarantee

5 yr pigeonpros guarantee

Our 5 year workmanship and defect guarantee

Pigeonpros is not responsible for any roof damage as a result of pigeon activity on your roof before or after our service. On parts. Pigeonpros will restore any products that are damaged as a result of manufacturer or installation defect. We do not guarantee anything that is damaged by external wear and tear, weather, or human intervention. Customer is responsible for labor in some cases.  We do not guarantee that Pigeon’s won’t find a new area on your structure to nest or roost. Pigeonpros is not responsible for damage to the structure of infestation unless damage is caused by severe negligence. Pigeonpros is not responsible for damage caused to the structure previous to installation. Examples are, damage by Pigeon droppings, burrowing, nesting, structure of roof not built correctly, or poor repairs done by other companies/individuals who have worked on the structure.

Residential 5 Year No Pigeon Guarantee

Pigeonpros offers a 5 year no pigeon guarantee to residential customers after all efforts have been made to install the correct deterrents and pigeon trapping has been done.  If pigeons return after the 5 year no pigeon guarantee has been offered, Pigeonpros will trap any pigeons that return to your home for a 5 year period at no additional charge.  If additional deterrents are installed they will not be covered under this guarantee.  Only additional trapping is covered under this warranty.


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