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Histoplasmosis and Pigeons

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Histoplasmosis and Pigeons

Pigeons make a mess

Not just here in the Phoenix Metro area where we have millions of pigeons, but also across the World one of the many health risks that comes along with pigeon infestations is Histoplasmosis. The fungal spores that cause this infection are often found in pigeon droppings, and these spores can easily spread through the air, even entering the ventilation systems of our homes or commercial buildings. Histoplasmosis can put everyone inside a pigeon infested structure at risk. Histoplasmosis is one reason that you may not want to clean up those nasty pigeon droppings on your own. It is much safer for you to leave pigeon abatement and cleanup to the professionals such as our company here in Arizona Pigeonpros.

What is Histoplasmosis?

Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by the Histoplasma Capsulatum fungus. These spores are very light, so they may float easily through the air. Histoplasmosis spores are often reintroduced to the air over and over again when the surfaces on which they land are disturbed. This kind of fungus is very prevalent in pigeon droppings, which contain the right ingredients needed for these spores to survive, i.e. dampness and rich organic matter.

What are the symptoms of Histoplasmosis?

How would you know if you have been infected by Histoplasmosis? In the cases of a mild infection, there may not be any symptoms. In more severe cases, fever, headache, muscle aches, dry cough, and chest discomfort are common. In some cases, joint pain and rashes may also develop. If the infection does become chronic, weight loss can also occur. Severe Histoplasmosis cases will affect every organ in the body, from the skin to the liver, and are fatal if left untreated. This severe kind of infection is rare and occurs mostly in babies and people with compromised immune systems.

How can I avoid Histoplasmosis?

Histoplasmosis is not contagious and cannot be spread from person to person. It is only contracted when fungal spores are inhaled. If you have a pigeon infestation on your structure or property, instead of trying to clean the waste yourself, consider hiring a professional pigeon abatement company that knows how to safely remove the droppings and prevent the birds from returning such as Pigeonpros. If you are in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona Or Tucson Metro Arizona, we would love to help you become Pigeon free. You can call us at 480-888-8838 or fill our our quick online form here.


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