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Pigeons make a mess

Histoplasmosis and Pigeons

Not just here in the Phoenix Metro area where we have millions of pigeons, but also across the World one of the many health risks that comes along with pigeon infestations is Histoplasmosis. The fungal spores that cause this infection are often found in pigeon droppings, and these spores can easily spread through the air,…
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Pigeons flying above a residential home in Phoenix Arizona

Cutting Corners – Why you still have pigeons!

Ever wonder why you still have those pesky pigeons? Why do you still have those pigeons? It’s another day. Once again, you woke up early. Really early! I mean way before you wanted to. Thanks to your friends upstairs, you know them, your pigeons. The cooing started an hour before your alarm went off. So…
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Pigeonpros offers a 5 yr Guarantee

Our 5 year workmanship and defect guarantee Pigeonpros is not responsible for any roof damage as a result of pigeon activity on your roof before or after our service. On parts. Pigeonpros will restore any products that are damaged as a result of manufacturer or installation defect. We do not guarantee anything that is damaged…
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