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Pigeon Trapping and Removal

Pigeons flying above a residential home in Phoenix Arizona
Pigeons congregate on a rooftop
pigeons congregate on a rooftop. Sometimes pigeon trapping may be necessary.

At some point after eliminating all the best places for pigeons to nest and roost, pigeon trapping and removal may become necessary. At Pigeonpros we try really hard to avoid trapping the pigeons, however it becomes necessary when all other avenues are exhausted and the pigeons are still there.

Pigeons are Homing Birds

Pigeon trapping is necessary sometimes. Why? Pigeons are homing birds. What exactly does that mean? Homing birds. Pigeons are flocking birds, meaning they live in groups. These groups of pigeons are related, they are a family of pigeons living together. In a natural setting they will live their entire lives in and around the same nest which will produce pigeons consistently for as long as the nest is left alone. A pigeon wants to stay where it was born. This is called homing. All pigeons are homing birds.

pigeons fly away from a commercial building
Pigeons fly away from a commercial rooftop

Pigeons actually have the uncanny ability to find their way home from long distances. Pigeons have been known to find their way home from a 1000 miles away. This takes “homing” to a whole new level. The urge a pigeon has to stay where it was born is very strong.

Most of the time pigeons will relocate once the place they are nesting in and perching on is correctly deterred. In some cases however, the pigeons won’t go. This happens more in situations where the pigeons have been in a place for years and years, which means many, many generations of pigeons have been born onto the same structure.

Pigeon Trapping is Humane

Pigeon trapping is a humane and effective way to eliminate the pigeons that won’t leave a structure once all the deterrents have been installed. We always wait to see if trapping will be needed, because usually the pigeons will leave before trapping becomes necessary. Once we are sure that they won’t go, we proceed to trap. This involves baiting pigeons. We won’t get into exactly how Pigeonpros deploys and traps the pigeons because this is information we don’t share. Suffice to say, the pigeons have plenty of food and water and shade in the traps.

Pigeon Pest Control or Pigeon Exterminating

The word extermination can seem harsh. We respect life at Pigeonpros and we don’t harm pigeons maliciously. Pigeons are however a pest that multiply very rapidly and do need to be controlled in the urban environment. Trapping is the more humane way to exterminate pigeons over other methods such as poisoning.

Why we do pigeon trapping vs. pigeon poisoning

We believe that poison does not have a place in pigeon control for a few reasons. Firstly, you cannot control where a poisoned pigeon will die. If a pigeon does die in a neighbors yard or where a protected animal such as a Bald Eagle, or a Great Horned Owl may get it, there will be unfortunate consequences.

We prefer the safer and more precise method of trapping. The pigeons will be euthanized in a quick and humane way. We will also have a more certain count on the mortality of your flock of pigeons.

why trapping works combined with effective deterrents

Pigeon trapping works with effective and correctly installed deterrents. Why? The answer lies in the fact that your pigeon problem is not random birds landing on your property. The pigeons at your place, are the same ones everyday, which makes sense when you think about the homing nature of pigeons. So, when done correctly, trapping along with the correct deterrents will eliminate your pigeon problem for good.


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