Pigeon Deterrent Installation

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Pigeon Deterrent Installation

Professional Pigeon netting installed by the Pigeonpros at Camelback High School in Phoenix Arizona

Professional Installation of Deterrents

Pigeonpros installs professional deterrents with trained technicians. Quality is foremost on our minds as we install the right pigeon deterrents in the right places. This gives us the best chance to help you become pigeon free. We constantly train our technicians how to install correctly, how to use the right product or deterrent in the right place.

Once the cleanup is done it’s time to install the recommended pigeon control deterrents on your home or business. 

Here are some examples of pigeon deterrents we install.

  • pigeon netting
  • pigeon spikes or bird spikes
  • screening or mesh
  • Birdwire
  • Electric shock track
  • Daddy Long Legs

Pigeon Netting

Correctly installed pigeon netting looks amazing. That is if you notice it at all. Most likely, you’ve walked underneath and past some pigeon netting without even noticing. Hire the wrong company though, and you will notice. We want our projects to last far past our 5 year warranty and we put the effort in to make sure that happens. Professional installation is critical to having netting that will keep the pigeons out and stand the test of time.

Pigeon Spikes or Bird Spikes

Residential Pigeon nest abatement with metal screen
Perfectly installed Pigeon or Bird spikes by Pigeonpros

pigeon spikes, or bird spikes can work very well for controlling pigeons perching on small ledges, or beams. Spikes come in many sizes and widths. it is important to know which spike to use where. Hiring a company like Pigeonpros is often your best best to match up the right spike for the job. Also, spikes sometimes need to be installed up high and to do it safely may require special equipment like the correct ladder. Hiring someone can also provide you with a solid guarantee in case something goes wrong.

Screening or Mesh

Residential Pigeon nest abatement with metal screen
A Column perfectly screened with mesh by Pigeonpros in Tempe Arizona

For small openings, alcoves, and eaves, screen or mesh can be a perfect way to eliminate your pigeons nest area. This is a very difficult thing for our technicians to get good at and requires months of practice to perfect. The idea here is that the screen or mesh won’t be an eyesore for our customers, but will still keep the pigeons out. We pride ourselves on our work looking great.


Birdwire works amazingly well on Peaks, gables, and parapet walls.
Professional birdwire installation by the Pigeonpros.

Pigeons love to sit on the peak of the roof and the edge of the roof. Pigeons also love to sit on the parapet wall or pony wall of buildings and poop down the sides. Pigeons do this because they can see predators coming to get them better and they can also watch their nests and feeding grounds. The solution to this is often Birdwire. A simple stainless steel cable installed that runs 3-6 inches above the edge of the ridge or wall and keeps the birds from getting comfortable. Birdwire works surprisingly well for how simple in concept it is. Professional installation is vital to hold up long term to the bird traffic that tends come in these areas.

Electric shock track

It goes without saying, nobody likes to get shocked by electricity, birds included in this group. Electric shock systems are effective when they are working. They are however high maintenance and costly. We have installed electric shock many times, but the systems do require very high maintenance and are often not cost effective for the expense they require to maintain.

Daddy Long Legs or Bird Spiders

Have you ever seen the spider looking thing installed up high to prevent birds perching in an area. We install these in light pressure situations where we need to protect up to an 8′ diameter circle such as a chimney. These deterrents are highly visible and not recommended in many instances.