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Pigeonpros Featured on Fox10

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Pigeonpros Featured on Fox10

Fox10 featured pigeonpros in Phoenix Arizona a pigeon control company.

One customers pigeon control experience

As a business owner or manager, it can be really hard to know what to do when it comes to a pigeon problem.  Pigeons can literally ruin business.  Wilhelm Automotive, one of Pigeonpros recent customers was dealing with pigeons pooping down on their customers and their customer vehicles.  It was a real problem for them.  

Enter the Pigeonpros.  We stepped in and formulated a custom plan to alleviate the problem.  The pigeons simply had to be stopped.  Our plan was simple: First, clean up the mess, which took a couple of days alone.  Second block the pigeons from nesting in their favorite places, which we did as well.  Lastly, trapping, which in this case was very necessary as the pigeons were here at Wilhelm Automotive in large numbers.

Pigeonpros is hard at work everyday eliminating pigeon problems for our customers

We really appreciate Fox10 doing a news feature on Pigeonpros. Their reporter and camera guys were the best. We highly recommend them if you get invited for a feature on your company, do it. They were quick about it and showed a true representation of what we do here at Pigeonpros and how we control those pesky pigeons. Here’s the link below to their website if you want to go check it out.


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