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Is Pigeon Poop Toxic

Find Out How Toxic Pigeon Poop Can Be

Is Pigeon Poop Toxic? The short answer is that yes, pigeon poop is toxic and full of diseases and fungi that can be harmful to humans. The good news is that cases of humans catching these diseases are few and far between.  That being said, while cases of humans getting sick from pigeon poop aren’t…
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Pressure washing is a big part of our pigeon control service at Pigeonpros

pigeon Cleanup and Nest Removal

At Pigeonpros we understand exactly just how dirty pigeons can be. Pigeon droppings are full of bacteria and pigeons can carry up to 60 diseases or pathogens. It is very important to follow a good clean up procedure for the removal of nests and droppings. Pigeon Clean Up Comes First Pigeons are interesting nest builders.…
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