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pigeon Cleanup and Nest Removal

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pigeon Cleanup and Nest Removal

Pressure washing is a big part of our pigeon control service at Pigeonpros

At Pigeonpros we understand exactly just how dirty pigeons can be. Pigeon droppings are full of bacteria and pigeons can carry up to 60 diseases or pathogens. It is very important to follow a good clean up procedure for the removal of nests and droppings.

Pigeon Clean Up Comes First

Pigeons are interesting nest builders. They will often search for nest building materials near the nest (your home or business) scavenging whatever they can find. Pigeons use their own poop, droppings, waste, excrement, you get the idea as glue or the mortar that holds the nest materials in place. This nest building is constant and droppings accumulate to the tune of 25 lbs per pigeon per year.

Very dirty solar panels need pigeon proofing by the Pigeonpros
Solar panels need to be pigeon proofed to prevent nesting underneath. Note the amount of droppings associated with pigeons under these solar panels. Nasty!!

Small particles of this accumulation of pigeon droppings is hazardous to breathe in. This makes pigeon clean-up a potentially hazardous job to your health. Additionally, add to this the fact of all the potential disease and parasites pigeons may carry.

We take great care to clean up all solid pigeon waste and remove it completely so you won’t have to worry about coming in contact with any of the potential diseases or pathogens associated with pigeons. After removing all solid pigeon waste, we pressure wash the affected areas to remove any evidence that pigeons were there.

Professional residential and commercial pigeon cleanup and removal

  1. Remove Pigeon nests and loose droppings
    • The first step in our residential or commercial pigeon control process is to bag and remove all the loose droppings.  We want to eliminate as much solid waste as possible before we pressure wash the area clean.
  2. Pressure wash all pigeon affected areas
    • After the initial cleanup step of bagging up nests and droppings it’s time to pressure wash.  We use a 2600 psi pressure washer to clean the areas affected by pigeons on your property.
  3. Bio-Cleaner
    • We treat areas of heavy pigeon dropping accumulations with a sanitizing bio-cleaner to eliminate harmful bacteria and odor causing bacteria. This makes your home safer for your family.

Conclusion – Pigeon Clean up and Nest Removal are essential.

before Pigeonpros
Before Pigeonpros
After Pigeonpros
After Pigeonpros

The amount of droppings that can accumulate from a pigeon flock is nothing short of spectacular. Left alone Pigeons will ruin any rooftop. If you need help cleaning up the pigeon mess Pigeonpros stands at the ready to help you. Pigeon droppings cause so many problems it makes sense to get on top of it right away.


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