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Find Out How Toxic Pigeon Poop Can Be

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Find Out How Toxic Pigeon Poop Can Be

Is Pigeon Poop Toxic

Is Pigeon Poop Toxic?

The short answer is that yes, pigeon poop is toxic and full of diseases and fungi that can be harmful to humans. The good news is that cases of humans catching these diseases are few and far between. 

That being said, while cases of humans getting sick from pigeon poop aren’t common, it’s important to understand how these droppings can get you sick, what happens if you get sick, and the best ways to prevent getting sick in the first place.

Pigeon Poop Diseases

Pigeons are not known as the cleanest of birds. In fact their living conditions are downright disgusting. In one year the average pigeon produces 25 lbs. of droppings. Most of that pigeon poop is deposited in and around where they live. In fact, pigeons use their droppings to insulate and cement their nests together. As their nests grow, the buildup of feathers, droppings, and other deposits create a breeding ground for disease and fungi. Some of the more common fungal diseases found in pigeon poop are HistoplasmosisCryptococcosis, and Psittacosis, to name a few.

These diseases aren’t transferable from pigeon to human through direct contact. Instead these diseases are transmitted by breathing in dust created when droppings are disturbed, which is why it’s important to use caution when dealing with large amounts of pigeon poop. 

Getting Sick

When individuals do get sick, the symptoms can include lung inflammation, cough, chest pain, fever, and fatigue. Rarely do these symptoms develop into something more. However, in infants, the elderly, and individuals with weakened immune systems, the effects of getting these diseases can be more severe. Always use care when dealing with pigeon droppings. 

Avoiding Infection

Get Rid of Pigeon Poop
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The first, and most important step, for avoiding these diseases, is to prevent the buildup of large quantities of pigeon droppings in the first place. Don’t wait for pigeons to go from a minor problem to an infestation.

This is especially true for business owners, who are responsible for keeping their patrons healthy. When left unchecked, pigeon infestations can create huge health hazards, not to mention aesthetic eyesore, for businesses.

Take the time to investigate areas that might be infested with pigeons, and look into installing pigeon deterrents in areas where pigeons are roosting. In some cases, where the problem is minor, a home or business owner may take on the responsibility themselves. 

When cleaning up pigeon droppings consider wearing gloves, a respirator/face mask, and use a hose or pressure washer to minimize the likelihood of inhaling the fungal spores. 

If it’s too late for that and the pigeon poop buildup is severe, consider calling in professionals, such as Pigeon Pros, to take care of the problem. Pigeon Pros has been cleaning up and taking care of pigeon problems in Phoenix for 23 years. The staff are trained to safely remove and clean up pigeon poop to make the area safe for everyone.


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