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Pigeon Control Since 1999

Pigeon abatement of solar panels on a flatroof

Do I Need to Pigeon Proof My Solar Panels?

Solar panels make a great addition to any Arizona home. After all, Arizona is the sunshine state. Hundreds of homeowners across the valley are making the change and installing solar panels. However, there’s an unforeseen side effect to getting solar panels installed, and it’s not a good one. Along with all the benefits solar panels…
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Professional Pigeon netting installed by the Pigeonpros at Camelback High School in Phoenix Arizona

Pigeon Deterrent Installation

Professional Installation of Deterrents Pigeonpros installs professional deterrents with trained technicians. Quality and effective methods are foremost on our minds as we install the right pigeon products in the right places. If we install these deterrents correctly they are highly effective bird repellents and they will keep pigeons from landing. Correct installation gives us the…
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