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Do I Need to Pigeon Proof My Solar Panels?

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Do I Need to Pigeon Proof My Solar Panels?

Pigeon abatement of solar panels on a flatroof

Solar panels make a great addition to any Arizona home. After all, Arizona is the sunshine state. Hundreds of homeowners across the valley are making the change and installing solar panels. However, there’s an unforeseen side effect to getting solar panels installed, and it’s not a good one. Along with all the benefits solar panels provide homeowners, they also provide wonderful benefits for pigeons.

Solar panels provide excellent shade, shelter from rain, and protection from predators. They also provide an excellent view for identifying food and water sources. In other words, your solar panels are the perfect summer getaway for a flock of pigeons.

Once they have made their home, pigeons can grow quickly from a mild problem to an infestation. Which spells bad news for your roof and solar panels.

Pigeon abatement around the solar panels and birdwire installed across the peak by the Pigeonpros
Pigeon abatement around the solar panels and birdwire installed across the peak by the Pigeonpros

Pigeons come with all kinds of problems

Once pigeons have taken up residency under your solar panels, they bring along with themselves a slew of potential issues. Namely in the form of debris and droppings. Pigeons nests are made up of a chaotic assortment of twigs and sticks. Large buildup of debris underneath your solar panels and trap heat, hindering your panels efficiency. In extreme cases, more severe damage can occur.

Pigeon nests can prevent proper water shed, which can result in pooling water. Left unchecked, water can get underneath the protective roofing and cause long term damage to the roof.

While Pigeons love your solar panels, the feelings are not mutual. Solar panels require unhindered view of the sun for optimal power generation, and pigeons aren’t picky where they poop. While a dropping here or there won’t impact the efficiency of your solar panels, droppings from a large flock of birds can greatly hinder solar panel efficiency, and in some severe cases render it completely useless.

Not to mention that Pigeon poop is highly acidic and can be damaging to surfaces unless it is cleaned properly. 

Your solar panels are an investment you need to protect

Solar panels are a major investment and improvement for a home and it’s important to keep them that way with proper bird proofing. If you’re experiencing a major pigeon infestation underneath your solar panels, contact Pigeon Pros. We’ll come out and provide a free quote to clean the debris and droppings, disinfect the area, and install high quality pigeon controls to ensure your solar panels work properly for many years to come. 

Pigeons professionally blocked and abated from these solar panels

What if I don’t have a pigeon problem?

Even if you don’t have pigeons yet, it’s simply a matter of time. All it takes is one person in your area to pigeon proof their panels, and that flock will look for the next best option, YOUR HOUSE. Installing pigeon proofing measures on your solar panels before it becomes a problem will save you money on the installation, because there is no mess to clean up, and ensure you never experience pigeons interrupting your solar panel efficiency. 

Pigeon Proof Your Solar Panels Now

If you’ve noticed pigeons visiting your home, or homes nearby, it’s time to take action. Preventing the problem from getting out of hand is cheaper, and a lot less messy than waiting till they become a real issue.

Your home, and solar panels are a huge investment with the potential for a long life. Ensure you get the most out of them by keeping them clean and pigeon free.

Pigeon Pros services the entire Phoenix area, and has pigeon proofed thousands of solar panels across the valley. So no matter where your home is located, reach out and let us protect your investment.


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