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4 Reasons Pigeon Netting Works

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4 Reasons Pigeon Netting Works

Pigeon and bird netting installed at a high school by the Pigeonpros

Pigeon netting works

Let’s take a closer look at pigeon netting. why does it work?

Here are 4 reasons pigeon netting may be the answer to your pigeon problem.

  1. Cost effective
  2. A Long Lasting pigeon deterrent
  3. Aesthetically pleasing
  4. 100% Exclusion

Cost Effective

Pigeon netting is very cost effective. Current rates are anywhere from .25 cents to $1.00 a sq. ft. The larger your project, the lower the cost per sq. ft will be because your installer will be able to buy in bulk for a better price.

Pigeons don’t care about the cost of course, but our customers do and who wouldn’t like to save money. When comparing other deterrents to pigeon netting the area protected will always be the cheapest by using netting. It will be up to your professional to determine if netting is the correct answer to your pigeon problem

Once netting is determined to be the choice deterrent against your pigeons, you can bet that you are getting the most area covered against your pigeons for the money.

Pigeon netting above the entrance at Red Lobster
When it is done right Pigeon netting will be very low visibility. As witnessed here at the Red Lobster

A Long Lasting Pigeon Deterrent

Pigeon netting comes in all kinds of colors. Be very careful what color you choose. Black pigeon netting lasts the longest and comes with the best warranty. All netting that is worth anything will come with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Black is actually the only color that comes with a 10 year warranty that Pigeonpros offers it’s customers. The black netting is usually best because it will last 10 years in the full sunshine in Arizona.

We have done netting projects in Arizona since 1999 and we know from our experience that the black netting will hold up 10 years in full sunshine. If you install your netting in the shade, it could last even longer 15-20 years.

Aesthetically pleasing

If you are looking for a deterrent with low visibility and high effectiveness, look no further than pigeon netting. it isn’t invisible. A question people often ask is what will it look like?

The truth is that if you live in a pigeon infested area, you have probably walked under netting or gazed upon it many times without even noticing.

Case in point: We did a ton of netting at the Cabelas in Glendale Arizona. The front entry to one of the most popular outdoor stores in America is protected by thousands of sq. ft of pigeon netting.

My guess is that less than 5% of the customers coming and going from Cabelas would even notice the pigeon netting above their heads.

If your netting is installed correctly, it will be a low visibility product with highly effective results that last for 10 or more years.

100% Exclusion

The very best reason that pigeon netting would be chosen is that fact that we can block the pigeons from one area with 100% certainty. There will be no entry to that area if the pigeon netting is installed correctly.

At Cabelas, a customer was pooped on as they were looking at boats outside in the boat showcase area. The pigeons were nesting in the exposed rafters under the roof above the boats.

Pigeonpros was able to net this area off with 100% exclusion and the birds have no place to roost, no place to land, and definitely no place to nest in the Cabelas boat showcase area.

Conclusion re: Pigeon netting

The bottom line is that if you need pigeon netting to protect you, it will do the job. Sometimes netting is not the answer. This can be decided by your pigeon control professional such as Pigeonpros.

Pigeon netting will be a cost effective, good looking, and long lasting abatement to your pigeon problem in the right situation. At Pigeonpros we have seen the success that a perfect pigeon netting project produces. The results are undeniable and we have been protecting critical residential and business areas such as walkways, patios, overhangs, shaded areas and more for 23+ years at Pigeonpros.

You may need pigeon netting like this one from Peoria Az to get control of your pigeons
Pigeon netting installed by the pigeonpros in Peoria AZ
Pigeon Netting Installed by the Pigeonpros
Here is a high school outdoor cafeteria area we netted to keep pigeons from pooping on the students.


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