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Pigeon Control Since 1999

Pigeon and bird netting installed at a high school by the Pigeonpros

4 Reasons Pigeon Netting Works

Pigeon netting works Let’s take a closer look at pigeon netting. why does it work? Here are 4 reasons pigeon netting may be the answer to your pigeon problem. Cost Effective Pigeon netting is very cost effective. Current rates are anywhere from .25 cents to $1.00 a sq. ft. The larger your project, the lower…
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commercial netting at a high school in Phoenix Arizona

A Commercial Pigeon Netting Project

Commercial Pigeon netting can be the solution for large scale pigeon problems. Pigeonpros specializes in installation of pigeon netting.

Pigeons pulled the chicken wire a homeowner put here out and continued nesting behind it.

Bird Control In Arizona

Does it seem strange that we need so much bird control in Arizona? at first glance, it might. Taking a second look, Arizona has a wonderful climate for birds, especially pigeons. If you were a pigeon, why wouldn’t you live in Arizona? The weather here in Arizona specifically the lower desert basins is perfect for…
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A very typical pigeon nest

Pigeonpros Internet Coupons

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Pigeons used to wreak havoc here at the Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona. Not anymore

Pigeons at Taco Bell?

At Pigeonpros we are often faced with the unique challenge of eliminating a pigeon problem, or coming up with a solution to a pigeon problem that both works and functions long-term, and doesn’t ruin the place from an aesthetic point of view, or in short words, doesn’t look ugly. We want you pigeon free and…
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