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Eliminate Your Pigeon Infestation

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Eliminate Your Pigeon Infestation


Chances are if you’ve lived in Phoenix for more than a week, you’ve noticed all the pigeons flying around. Arizona, Phoenix in particular, has a perfect environment for pigeons, lots of flat surfaces for roosting, and (mostly) beautiful temperatures year round. Pigeons love it here, and where they love, they live. 

What you might now know is how quickly a flock of pigeons can grow. Pigeons have a fairly short reproduction cycle. While it takes humans nine months to grow a baby, and another eighteen years for that human to be mature, in some cases closer to twenty five years. Pigeons lay eggs less than two weeks after mating, and those eggs hatch in less than three weeks. Each brood is one to three eggs, and after six months, each of those pigeons are mature enough to begin mating. 

Not only are pigeons’ reproductive cycles barely a month long, they usually give birth to 5-7 broods a year. Seeing how pigeons are community birds and live together in large flocks. A small pigeon problem (20 birds) can grow to an infestation (more than 200) in a single year. If not handled, a minor pigeon problem can escalate to a full blown infestation in no time. 

Why Pigeon Infestations are Such a Problem

Like the flying rats they are, pigeons aren’t picky about where they make their homes. As long as the location meets a few basic requirements; somewhat flat and protected from the elements, pigeons will roost. Most homes and businesses in the valley meet the requirements to become a perfect pigeon home, which is why pigeon infestations are so prevalent in the Greater Phoenix Area.

These homes, or roosts, start out as a simple cluster of sticks and debris. Pigeons use the same nest over and over, with each additional use adding droppings, feathers, tidbits of food, and even baby pigeons that have died. In fact, pigeon droppings help cement and insulate the nest, providing increased protection from the elements. Over time, these nests grow larger in size and create more than just an eyesore for businesses and homes, but they are a breeding ground for diseases and can even block up gutters and vents. 

Get Rid of the Pigeon Infestation

Pigeon Infestation Phoenix

Pigeons can be very challenging to get rid of for several reasons. They are resilient, intelligent, and have a strong sense of home. Efforts to scare away pigeons with reflective light, fake predator birds, and other DIY hacks can work, though the effects are usually temporary. The pigeons fly off to another perch for a little while, wait a bit, then come right back. The homing instinct makes it so pigeons don’t want to leave the place they’ve decided to set up residence.  

Not only do pigeons’ instincts keep them coming back, pigeons are quickly able to realize that scare tactics are not real threats to their safety. When they make the realization, these efforts become completely ineffective. 

The way to ensure pigeons leave for good is to make the place they live inaccessible to them, pigeon proof. If they can’t get there, they’ll move off and find another place to roost. Some of the most effective pigeons proofing methods include pigeon spikes, pigeon wire, and pigeon netting. Once the area has been cleaned of pigeon nests and droppings, and the product has been installed correctly, pigeons will have no choice but to relocate to a more accessible area.

At Pigeon Pros we understand pigeon roosting habits and how to best install permanent pigeon proofing. Before you pull out the credit card, or DIY belt, to take care of your pigeon infestation, contact us and we’ll come out and give you a free estimate to take care of your pigeon infestation. 


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