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Pigeons at Taco Bell?

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Pigeons at Taco Bell?

Pigeons used to wreak havoc here at the Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona. Not anymore
Netting installed by the Pigeonpros at Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona. The solution to your pigeon problem can often be netting installed correctly by professionals.

At Pigeonpros we are often faced with the unique challenge of eliminating a pigeon problem, or coming up with a solution to a pigeon problem that both works and functions long-term, and doesn’t ruin the place from an aesthetic point of view, or in short words, doesn’t look ugly. We want you pigeon free and we want it to look good.

So for this Taco Bell with pigeons nesting exactly over the front entry we had to plan something that looked amazing and kept the pigeons from doing their dirty thing. “Living over the front door to the place.”

Pigeons nesting in a corner at a Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona
Pigeons nesting in a corner at a Taco Bell in Glendale Arizona

The solution in this case was netting and man did it turn out awesome. Our technicians knew it was going to be a sensitive area. They made sure it wouldn’t be a stand out to the customers of the Taco Bell. The pigeons however disagreed. They are currently looking for a new place to live. I believe the Mcdonalds across the street is available?

Watch to see what this Taco Bell looked like before the Pigeonpros.


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